How well do you know technoblade?

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Ok, so there are some random nerds coming up to me and like "Oh, I watch technoblade too! I even know that his horse is called "Technothehorse!" So ik ur bad @ life so do my quiz and go watch tecnoblade

And yea go play more video games. And now im just going to do random dots so itll let me post the quiz. But no it wont work. Ill just have to write down words and yay ok now im done

Created by: Technoblade of My channel here
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  1. Who is technoblade
  2. What is the name of Technoblade
  3. What is the name of Technoblade's horse
  4. What did techno name his pig?
  5. In Techno's Witchcraft video, what does he claim he is fighting?
  6. How many times has technoblade been in the Elite team?
  7. What guild is Techno currently in?
  8. When Did technoblade first join Hypixel?
  9. In his build battle video, what got him his SECOND first place?
  10. What is Technoblade known for
  11. What does he call his friends of YT
  12. Does Techno own a guild? if so what is it called?
  13. Did techno ever own a guild before BPM? If so, what is it called?
  14. How many level X's does techno have?
  15. What is Techno's FIRST level X?
  16. How many Parodys have Technoblade made? If so, what are they called?
  17. Which did techno say he would save instead of the other? Machine or pig?
  18. Who did Techno Friend remove when ________ burned the one-pound fish?
  19. Who did he friend remove when ______ trolled with the redstone trap in mega skywars?
  20. What network level was technoblade on in 12/20/2015
  21. Would technoblade add you as friend?
  22. Is technoblade better at pvp or Ashish?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know technoblade?