Do you still know the pig?

Do you know how terrible I did on the quiz 5 months ago? Well, I'm back to redeem myself. This quiz is probably just as horrible but at least the questions are ok

Are you a Techno FNA? Do you wakes up everyday screaming, "OMG MOMMY I WANA BE TECHNOBLADE TODAY. HE HAS SUCH HOT ELBOWS AND I LOVE HIM SO MUCH MORE THAN YOU" If you do, you should probably see a doctor, now enjoy the quiz ^-^

Created by: Tsfalcon / IkBenEenKast

  1. Techno was abducted by what animal on October 18th, 2015?
  2. What backpack did Techno use in cooking with Technoblade?
  3. Who won the Ultimate Survival Games in Techno's 500 BSG Ep special?
  4. The entire point of Caelum is to have...
  5. What does Techno do with the numbers of the victims he kills?
  6. What is the highest level of sharpness Techno has gotten in Mega SW?
  7. Brick?
  8. Finish this sentence from part one of BSG Ep. 100, He needs no introduction because he is...
  9. What did Techno build to celebrate getting YT rank on Hypixel?
  10. Last Question! Its REALLY HARD!! I messed up last quiz big time :(
  11. Ok, I tricked you :) What teammate did Techno flawless with Holy Warrior?
  12. What doesn't Techno like in other places? (Hint, Skywars Solo Ep.47)
  13. What gender is Techno on the Hypixel Forums?

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Quiz topic: Do I still know the pig?