What Horrible Fanfiction Do You Belong In?

There are many horrible fanfictions out there...and I mean mother Firetruck'n horrible! I chose four of them, got as much info as I could without going over the word limit and made a quiz out of them!

Which one do you belong in? A horrible fanfic of Harry Potter? How about a troll-fic about Twilight? An insane Fanfic of Lord Of The Rings? How about one that isn't as bad as others yet still TERRIBLE of Invader Zim?

Created by: HolyMuthaIcecream

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which one would you rather watch right now?
  2. If you could be anything what would it be?
  3. What do you find yourself doing most?
  4. Someone calls your character a Mary Sue...now what?
  5. Your celebrity crush has a girlfriend/boyfriend
  6. Do you swear or use words to replace swear words? (What the fudge?!?)
  7. Do you swear or use words to replace swear words? (What the fudge?!?)
  8. How important are you?
  9. How long is your name?
  10. How much humour do you use daily?
  11. Do you only make friends with a certain kind of people (goth people, nerdy people, ect.)
  12. What are you considered?

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Quiz topic: What Horrible Fanfiction do I Belong In?