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hi guys this is TOH fanfic part four If you read part three I am so sorry about the error on question 3. I swear I typed it it just didn't how and that is so annoying anyway here's how the paragraph was supposed to end

¨so the only way we can ever see anyone in the demon realm again is if someone in the demon realm builds a portal¨ said amity. ¨ok¨ said willow ¨ill go next. I really just miss my dads and my palasamin¨ and that was how question 3 was supposed to end

Created by: Im only human
  1. ok picking right up where we left of
  2. Back in the demon realm At the CATSS meeting place:¨ok guys. If we want to get our kids back, we need a plan¨ said eda Clawthorne. ¨ I agree with edalyn. we have four new members. Perry porter, Alador blight, Emira blight, and Edric blight.¨ eda blushed. She loved it when they called her edalyn. ¨ok. Here is what we know. The portal was destroyed on the day of unity. you need titan blood to make a portal work. we have a titan. any ideas?¨ said eda
  3. ¨well... we could build the portal back and then steal king from the collector while he's napping, but also while he's napping cast a power-draining spell on him and take all the power for ourselves and then run away with king and open the portal door and make food fall in love in the human realm! the end... world saved¨ said Katya. Raine rubbed his forehead ¨katya... none of us here know how to do a draining spell. and I don't think the collector ever sleeps. I mean if he just got released and was finally able to see the world, would he just sleep?¨ said Raine. Katya looked disappointed. ¨ I have an idea.¨ said eda ¨we trick the collector¨
  4. ¨how would we do that?!¨ said Raine ¨well here's what I'm thinking rainstorm¨ said eda and Raine blushed they loved it when she called them rainstorm ¨the collector loves games, right? so we just make up a game that gets him to make a new portal! then we go back to luz, figure out the living arrangements, and everything will be solved!¨ said eda ¨eda... that's brilliant! let's start working now. everyone in favor of edalyns plan, raise your hands ¨ said Raine. everyone did. it was decided, the CATSS group had a plan to get their kids back
  5. Back in the human realm: ¨mama? did you live in a different place before you came to Connecticut?¨ asked luz noceda ¨si. before I met your father I lived somewhere else. but when I met your father I was so in love that I moved her. Is something bothering you Mija?¨ asked Camilla. ¨kind of... mom, I really love the demon realm. It's a second home to me. And eda is like a second mom to me. I had no friends in the human realm, but I feel like now that you know my friends, you know they're not terrible demon monsters. if you're scared of me being in danger, well I survived months there without you knowing!¨ said luz
  6. ¨mija... do you want to live in the demon realm?¨ asked Camilla. luz nodded ¨once the portal door is fixed, I can visit you every day! and you can visit too!¨ said luz, not really expecting anything she said to change her mom's mind. ¨well... I suppose it's ok. But you have to visit every day and if you cant, text or call me. and I have to meet this eda person first¨ said Camilla ¨ I love you, mama! thank you!¨ said luz, and hugged her.
  7. back in the demon realm:¨king! why are you so sad?!¨ said the collector ¨ I just need to see eda¨ said king ¨ you mean the one who dressed up as raine whispers on the day of unity? I like her style¨ said the collector ¨ yeah... how did you know that?¨ asked king. ¨ I can see everything!" said the collector ¨ok... did you like the owl house game? can you bring eda here? can you actually bring all of CATSS here?¨ asked king ¨yes to all three questions¨ said the collector
  8. meanwhile at the CATTS meeting place:¨eda, may I have a moment with you? alone?¨ asked Raine, and eda nodded. Raine knew that now was probably the worst time possible to tell her this, but he had to do it. They walked outside, far enough so that the rest of the group couldn't hear them and eda. Raine grabbed edas hand. ¨eda... I still care about you... in a more than friends way¨
  9. edas face turned red ¨you do? I- I do to raine. im sorry i didnt tell you the truth about my curse when we were younger. im serouis, not a day goes by that i dont regret it¨ said eda ¨well hey, this is a new start. will you be my girlfriend eda?¨ said raine ¨yes!¨ said eda. ¨ok¨ eda sudenly screamed and raine did too they were being levitated into the air! ¨raine! whats going on?!¨ asked eda ¨i dont know!¨ said raine and suddenly they were gone. well not really gone, teleported to the collectors home
  10. ¨eda!¨ said king. he ran to her and hugged her. eda hugged him back. ¨ok now are you happy enough to play?¨ asked the collector. ¨king! you should show him how to play find the human¨ said eda ¨oh yeah! I love that game! but... we can't play it until the portal door is rebuilt because there are no humans in the demon realm anymore¨ said king ¨aww... what if I rebuild the portal door!" said the collector ¨then we could play the game! how do you play?¨ he added ¨ok, it's kind of ironic because the first people were looking for are witches hiding in the human realm.¨ said eda ¨ok! who are we looking for?¨ said the collector ¨were looking for hunter, willow park, amity blight, Gus porter, and finally luz noceda, the human. in that order.¨ said Raine ¨ok! let's do it!¨ said the collector. he rebuilt the portal door in 5 minutes
  11. eda showed the collector pictures of the people they were supposed to find. The collector opened the portal door for the CATSS group ¨ill watch and tell you if you're hot or cold!¨ said the collector. Luckily for eda she knew exactly where to lead the CATSS group. About 30 minutes later, she knocked on luzs door. ¨Ill get it!¨ said luz and opened the door. she gasped. Tears started streaming down her face. ¨eda!¨ cried luz and hugged eda. Hearing the name, everyone in the house rushed to the door. ¨so you must be eda. I'm Camilla noceda. thank you for looking after my daughter¨ said Camilla ¨ you're welcome! luz here is an amazing kid. luz, do you want to stay in the demon realm with me? It's up to your mom of course. oh and boots, blondie, gus, and willow, do you want to return home?¨ asked eda ¨yes!¨ answered all the kids at the same time
  12. Camilla sighed ¨you have my blessing. if luz would like to stay with you, she may¨ luz kissed her mom on the cheek. ¨ok kid, we gotta move fast¨ said eda. about 30 minutes later they were all through the portal door. ¨luz!¨ exclaimed king ¨king!¨ said luz, and they hugged. Raine cast a sleeping spell on the collector ¨hey! whats-¨ said the collector but quickly fell asleep. king trapped him back where he was in the first place, and threw him off the bridge. The group quickly grabbed the portal door and ran back to the CATSS meeting place. Raine gave the portal to eda and she kissed them on the cheek
  13. ¨willow! you're safe!¨ cried willows, dads, and they all had a group hug. Gus and his dad hugged too. everyone was just so relieved that all the drama was finally over. A little while later: hunter knocked on willows' bedroom door. She let him come in. ¨hey captain?¨ said hunter ¨mmhm?¨ said willow ¨ I love you¨ said hunter, and kissed her ¨ I love you too¨ said willow. Now it is finally, the last, the end
  14. did you like my fanfic?
  15. was it a good ending?
  16. bye!

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