How well do you know Technoblade?

There are many people who know who Technoblade is. But not as many know a lot about him. If you get a good %, you know enough about him, so good luck!

Are you a genius about Technoblade, or are you as dumb as a rock about him. In just a few minutes, you could know! Good luck with the test and have fun!

Created by: FalcyPlaysMC
  1. Who is Technoblade?
  2. What is the name of Techno's Horse?
  3. What did Techno name his Pig?
  4. In Techno's Witchcraft video, what does he claim he is fighting?
  5. How many times has Techno been in the Elite Team? (Including now)
  6. What Guild is Technoblade currently in?
  7. When did Technoblade first join Hypixel?
  8. In his Build Battle video, what build got him his SECOND 1st place?
  9. What is Technoblade known for?
  10. What does he call his "friends" on YT?
  11. Does Techno own a guild? If so, what is it called?
  12. Did Techno ever own a guild before BPM? If so, what was it called?
  13. How many level X's does Techno have?
  14. What was Techno's FIRST level X?
  15. How many parody's has Technoblade made?
  16. Would Technoblade save a machine or a pig?
  17. Who did he friend remove when **** burned the one pound fish?
  18. How many Montages has he made?
  19. What his is favorite montage?
  20. What Network level is Technoblade? (On the date of 12/20/15)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Technoblade?