How well do you know Technoblade?

There are many people that know Technoblade, but not as many actually know a lot about Technoblade. If you think you know a lot about Technoblade, give this quiz a try!

In just a few minutes, you will find out how much of Technoblade you know. If you a lot about Techno, you will easily do well on this quiz, so good luck!

Created by: FalcyPlaysMC

  1. Who is Technoblade?
  2. What is Techno's horse name?
  3. What is Techno's pig name?
  4. How many subs does Technoblade say he has on his Hypixel Forums sig?
  5. What build does Technoblade gets 1st place on for the SECOND TIME?
  6. When did Technoblade first login into Hypixel?
  7. How many parody's has Techno made?
  8. What guild is Techno currently in?
  9. How many montages has he released (as of 12/19/15)
  10. How many times was Techno in the Elite Team? (Including now)
  11. In Techno's Witchcraft video, what does he claim he is fighting?
  12. What does Techno claim to have?
  13. In what video did Techno's 2 little sisters appear in?
  14. What kind of food was on Techno's plate when he said this was going to be the death of me or make me a God?
  15. Last question!!! Would Techno save his family, or a pig?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Technoblade?