How Well Do You Know Technoblade? (2022)

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A quiz to see if you know this very crucial life knowledge. Totally. Hopefully you aren't a stalker and don't mind me bringing it up. As long as you don't stalk people, we are fine. Murderers and anything else welcome though. Just no stalkers.

Featured Sources: SMP Origins, Dream SMP, Potato Wars, Overall Content Knowledge, Specific and Minor Personal Things (Pets, name, etc.), SMP Earth.... Doesn't this look so professional? I totally am I promise.

Created by: VenusGames of His YT Channel For Clueless Nerds
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  1. How many parts are there to the Potato War in Skyblock?
  2. When Did Techno Join Dream SMP?
  3. When Did Techno Make His Channel?
  4. What is Technoblade's horse (In Dream SMP) Named?
  5. What is Techno's (IRL) Dog Named?
  6. How Many MCCs has Techno Won?
  7. How Long Was Techno In Prison For DSMP Lore?
  8. Which Does Techno Have?
  9. What is Technoblade's Youtube Account Named?
  10. Which is Seen in Technoblade's Cooking Video?
  11. Fill in The Blank.Techno Beat Minecraft With a ________ _____ In Minecraft Hardcore Mode, His Most Popular Video.
  12. What Was Techno's Last Guild Called Before It Was Renamed?
  13. When Techno Pranked The World and Called Himself Something Else 3 Separate Times, What Was It?
  14. Which Way Does Technoblade Use to Promote His Merch?
  15. Which Character Is/Was Afraid of Techno?
  16. Which Is Technoblade Known for Spawning?
  17. Which Mob Does Technoblade Like The Most?
  18. Who Was a Fan of Techno (And still is OFC) Before They Met?
  19. What Did Techno Do on His Million Sub Special?
  20. Which Did He Say to Tommy on The DSMP Episode "It Ends Today?"
  21. What is Techno's REAL name?
  22. What is Techno's SMP Earth Home Called?
  23. In The Dream SMP Video "The Sixteenth," What Did Technoblade Name a Wither?
  24. Who Did the Love Calculator Ship Technoblade With?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Technoblade? (2022)