Roy Rogers: How much do you know?

There are many people who claim that they know a lot about western stars in general. But, they don't know everything. This quiz will test you knowledge on one star in particular, Roy Rogers.

Roy Rogers is an American Legend. He led a great professional life, as well as personal one. Here you will learn some of things about his life, some of the tragedies that occurred, and who was with him while he was an actor.

Created by: Rachel
  1. When was Roy Rogers born?
  2. Where was Roy Rogers born?
  3. What was Roy Rogers' real name?
  4. In what year did Roy get his first starring role, and what was the name of the movie?
  5. How many brothers and sisters did Roy have?
  6. What was the name of Roy's wife and leading lady in 28 of his pictures?
  7. How many children did Roy and his wife, Dale, have?
  8. Which of Roy and Dale's 9 children died because of being a mongoloid?
  9. What was the name of Roy's horse and what was his (The horse's) original name?
  10. How old was trigger when he died?
  11. What were the first and last pictures that Roy did for Republic that were done in Trucolor?
  12. In movie was George "Gabby" Hayes first starred as Roy's sidekick and how many movies was he in with Roy?
  13. Who was Roy's sidekick in the last three movies that he did for Republic?
  14. In which movie was Dale Evans first cast as Roy's leading lady? In what year was it released?
  15. Who was the director of Roy's first 41 movies?
  16. Who directed the movie "Roll on Texas Moon" in 1946?
  17. True or False: Trigger was a stallion.
  18. When was Dale Evans born?
  19. What was the name of the movie that Roy did in 1976?
  20. When did Roy Rogers die?

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