What kind of rom com leading lady are you?

There are many forms of this genre of movie. There are the ones with raunchy, gross out humor. There are the movies with the high school crushes. There are the ones with ensemble casts, and the ones where Romeo and Juliet are the whole show. No matter- they are all Romantic Comedies, and only a few leading ladies have what it takes to make a good rom com. Do you have what it takes to be a leading lady in a rom com?

By answering these carefully researched questions, you can definitely answer that question. Do you have what it takes to be a leading lady in a rom com? And if so, what leading actress would you be? Take the quiz to find out!

Created by: quiztester1

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  1. All of these rom com ladies have been referred to as America's Sweethearts, yet sadly their own hearts have been broken and fodder for tabloids. Which actress do you think is crazier than what is reported in the tabloids?
  2. These ladies have never, and will never be America's Sweethearts and are considered crazy for real, but yet they've been in a RomCom...
  3. If Kim Kardashian were to take a rom com title as her memoir, which one would be most appropriate?
  4. Which song title that became a rom com is your favorite?
  5. They were whipped in their RomCom lives, but they were badass in other movies, please choose one...
  6. Despite popular belief, Julia Roberts did not invent the RomCom, pick an old school actress from an old school movie.
  7. John Cusack. Freaking John Cusack...
  8. It's a RomCom. Kind of. In a way. Pick One.
  9. They are RomCom's, Adam Sandler said so, so you have to pick one...
  10. There's a reason The Wedding Singer wasn't on that list.. because it was awesome... so pick a song from The Wedding Singer.
  11. Big Action Star... RomCom one and done...
  12. Pick a funny friend (Female)
  13. Pick a Funny Friend (Male)
  14. Jennifer Anniston is plenty cute, but her RomCom's have been plenty terrible. Still if you had to watch one...
  15. In Rom Coms, it is all about the chemistry. The following have made several movies together, which is your favorite couple?
  16. Not all RomCom's are just one boy and one girl, pick an ensemble RomCom and run with it.

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Quiz topic: What kind of rom com leading lady am I?