How well do you know Shawn Johnson?

Do you love gymnastics? You do? Well, this is the quiz for you. It highlights one of the best gymnasts the sport has ever seen: Shawn Johnson. I have to admit, finding some of this information was VERY VERY hard. So... Good luck!

I suggest studying up on Shawn first. It's kinda hard!!! You might want to try Google or her website. This quiz contains everything from her APGAR score to her favorite event, so hit the books, and have fun.

Created by: Marissa

  1. Shawn's middle name is...?
  2. Born in the month of...?
  3. Shawn was born with an APGAR score of:
  4. Shawn walked at the age of...
  5. Shawn never crawled when she was a baby.
  6. At age 3, Shawn's mom enrolled her in...
  7. When is Shawn Johnson Day in the state of Iowa?
  8. Shawn trains how many hours a week?
  9. On vault, Shawn is one of only 3 women in the world to do what?
  10. What is Shawn's "G" element on bars?
  11. What is Shawn's "G" element on floor?
  12. What is Shawn's "G" element on beam?
  13. Shawn lives where?
  14. What is her coach Chow's home country? (where he was born)
  15. What is Shawn's favorite event?
  16. Shawn has what day of the week off from training?
  17. Shawn is sponsored by which of these...?
  18. Shawn has competed in this show:
  19. Shawn competed in the Olympics of what year?
  20. Shawn has pets:

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Shawn Johnson?