How Giggle-Gobs Are You?

In the land of giggle-gobs there are two rulers, they are josh and shawn. They are the only ones that know exactly what giggle-gobs is, and you can only find out by taking this quiz

Are you Giggle-Gobs,n? The rulers, josh and shawn will decide, they made this quiz to find fellow giggle-gobs'ers and you will find out in a moment after taking this quiz

Created by: josh

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. If someone tells you they ate giggle-gobs for breakfast they most likely ate-
  2. If a friend tells you he is giggle-gobs'n, he is-
  3. You break into an abandoned house, what do you do once inside-
  4. Your mom has a cold sore on her lip, what do you do-
  5. someone makes a drawing of a robotic jesus that fires missles, you-
  6. you see a baby in a mail box, you
  7. A llama is on the side of the road you-
  8. Your science teacher is teaching sex ed. and gives you a booklet to work on, you
  9. A man-lady-it-thing-whatever, walking down the street, you-
  10. I like cookies...

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Quiz topic: How Giggle-Gobs am I?