Which of Shawn Kemp's children are you?

Oh no, this is awkward. Turns out your father is actually Steve Kerr, not Shawn Kemp. But don't feel too bad, it's a common mistake. And let me tell you, it was a crazy night when you were conceived. You should have seen you mom making the rounds, errrr... actually never mind.

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Created by: david

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  1. First off, there are a lot of unfounded allegations out there about Mr. Kemp. What makes you think you are the spawn of his seed?
  2. Okay, so your story checks out. Which of these cities were you born closest too?
  3. During your father's 14 year NBA career, he played with many great players. Which of his teammates was your favorite?
  4. When's the last time you saw your father?
  5. Alright, one last question. What's the favorite memory of your father's NBA career?
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Quiz topic: Which of Shawn Kemp's children am I?