How Tumblr Are You ?

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There are so many people on this planet who claim to be Tumblr. But who are the real Tumblr maniacs. The ones who know what clothes to buy and the music to listen to ? Find out if you're one when you take this quiz !

Are you truly as Tumblr as you claim to be ? You tell your friends hoe Tumblr you are but you don't really know for sure yet ? Right ? I mean you guess you where nice clothes sometimes and sometimes show your artsy side, but does that really mean you're truly Tumblr ?

Created by: faith
  1. What are your 3 favourite artists/bands ?
  2. What's your favourite thing to do with your spare time ?
  3. What kind of Tumblr blog do you have ?
  4. Which of these do you describe your style as ?
  5. What's your best facial feature ?
  6. Do you know who Pepe the frog is ?
  7. Which is most important to you ?
  8. What colour is most of your clothing ?
  9. How do you spend your summer ?
  10. What is your actually age.. Not 18 and under ?
  11. If it was your birthday, what would you ask for ?
  12. If you could dye your hair what colour would it be ?
  13. How many candids would you say you have of yourself ?
  14. My parents are coming home from a trip tomorrow and I still haven't cleaned the house, how screwed am I ?
  15. What's your favourite kind of dog ?
  16. Which of these do you wear the most ?
  17. If you could get any piercing what would it be ?
  18. How long have you described yourself as Tumblr ?
  19. Did you like this quiz and should I make more ?

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Quiz topic: How Tumblr am I ?