and i was thikning about watching this other drama called best love. but gong jin girl is so ugly. i dont know if i want to watch that. lol. maybe i should just

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  1. the general name for a rod-shaped bacterium is:
  2. the appearance of gram-negatve baceria after completion of the gram statin
  3. which of the following is a distinguishing characteristic of prokaryotic cells?
  4. which of the following is not a chemical component of a bacterial cell wall?
  5. which of the following is true about a gram-negative cell wall?
  6. which cellular structure is important in classifying a bacterial species as gram-positive or gram-negative?
  7. true/false: staphylococcus auereus is a gram negative bacterium
  8. which of the following is an example of acid-fast bacteria?
  9. penicillin disrupts the bacterial
  10. my do mycoplasma species have sterols in the plasma membrane?
  11. an organized structure sometimes found outside of the cell wall is called
  12. which of the following statements about biofilms is false?
  13. which of the following bacteria are responsible for dental caries?
  14. by which of the following mechanisms can a cell transport a substance from a lower to higher concentraion?
  15. which of the following is not a characteristic of the plasma membrane?
  16. true/false: the nuclear region in a prokaryotic cell is surrounded by a nuclear membrane.
  17. prokaryotic ribosomes are
  18. through which structure are bacterial plasmids transferred from one cell to another?
  19. the best definition of a gene is:
  20. which of the following statements is correct?
  21. which enzyme is responsible for seperating the DNA during replication?
  22. during replication, which strand is synthesized continuously?
  23. a sequence of nucleotides formed during replication of the lagging DNA strand is
  24. which of the following is not a part of a operon?
  25. which of the following is the best definition for transcription?
  26. during replication, what would the correct sequence be for a newly synthesized strand, if the template strand read 5 G C A T T 3
  27. during transcription what would the correct sequence be for a newly synthesized strand, if the template strand read 5 G C A T T 3
  28. where is an anticodon located?
  29. when does transcription begin?
  30. making new copies of DNA from old copies of DNA is known as:
  31. an enzyme that copies DNA to make a molecule of RNA is
  32. true/false: a silent mutation causes an amino acid change in the synthesized protein
  33. agens in the environment that directly or indirectly bring about mutations are called
  34. the exchange of genes between two DNA molecules is called
  35. true/false: antibiotic resistence genes are often on plasmids that can be transferred between bacteria.
  36. Advertisements tell you that bacteria and viruses are all over your home and that you need to buy antibacterial cleaning products. should you? what term describes the presence of these microbes? =
  37. In her biography of Louis Pasteur, Patrice Debre describes Pasteurs 1857 paper on grape fermentation as "the birth certificate of microbiology". Why do you think she describes it in this way?
  38. In 1864, lister observed that patients recovered completely from simple fractures, but that compound fractures had "disastrous consequences." he knew that the application of phenol to fields in the town of carlisle prevented cattle disease. in 1864, lister treated compound fractures with phenol, and his patients recovered without complications. why was this treatment effective? how was lister influenced by pasteurs work? why was robert kochs work still needed?
  39. DNA is relatively resistant to denaturation. what is denaturation? Why is DNA relatively resistant to it? why do you think it is important that nucleic acids be relatively stable?
  40. physicians become concerned about the potential for irreversible brain damage when body temperature approaches 105 degrees. Which of the four classes of macromolecules do you think is most likely affected by high temperatures, first? explain

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