Lps Courage quiz

Hey peeps! This is a quiz on a series me and my BFF are making! Its called Lps Courage! Its basically like Lps popular but not as much high school drama! Its more like romance and life after they graduate.

This series is not on Youtube so dont go looking for it!! We dont have a Youtub account yet so that sucks! WE would love to have one but my mom and her mom wont let us have one!

Created by: Ashley
  1. you are new to the school?
  2. You are late to clas what do you say?
  3. Tom Kisses you in the bathroom?
  4. Izzy beats you up?
  5. You forget to do your homework?
  6. You have diareah at school and you stink!
  7. Your mom hates you.
  8. random question time! ( does not effect your score! would you rather?
  9. Tom gets in car crash?
  10. bye peeps!

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