Which Red Badge of Courage character are you?

The Red Badge of Courage is a novel written by Stephen Crane. Narrated by a fictional Henry Fleming, it is about the meaning of courage. Although Crane was born after the war and had never seen battle himself, the novel is one of the most influential American war stories ever written.

Are YOU interested in knowing which of the characters in the novel best describes your personality? Are you Henry Fleming, Wilson, or Jim? Click away!

Created by: The Others

  1. You're on your way to your workout class. However, on the way, your friend calls and asks for a ride to the airport, you
  2. Are you a
  3. You and your best friend have been planning on trying bungee jumping for months. When the day comes, you
  4. Once you start things, do you feel the need to finish them right away?
  5. Does it bother you when people talk about you?
  6. Your views on life are
  7. How would you describe yourself?
  8. How well do you take criticism?
  9. Do you like Greek mythology?
  10. The most important paper of your life is due in two weeks, you
  11. When you are out with your friends, you

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Quiz topic: Which Red Badge of Courage character am I?