Which V Character Are You

Martin was a character played by Frank Ashmore; often referred to as 'the nice alien' or 'the good alien' from V. In a story of evil lizard aliens who wanted to steal our water and eat us, Martin represented a dissident alien group who believed what his people were doing was wrong.

This character possessed many admirable qualities. He was honourable, honest and kind. Above all he acted on his conscience. I suspect his popularity arose from the fact that he embodied how most of us hoped we would react to an atrocity committed within our own society. Apart from his dissension there was nothing extraordinary about the man. Martin did not have super qualities that made him more heroic than his peers. He was cunning and sneaky and his stance was incredibly brave, but he did not display an intelligence or courage which would have elevated him beyond the rest of the population. He was the optimist's everyman.

Created by: Lady Asriel

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