Just how brave are you?

Bravery; some have it, some don't. What is bravery? Brave spirit or conduct; courage; valor. Those with see the world as a playground. Those without see the world as if a tornado will come in 2 seconds, or the world will explode unless precautions are taken.

Are YOU brave? Do YOU have the courage to recieve that title? Answer these simple questions and find out of you are brave, or if you are a momma's boy/girl wimpy baby!

Created by: alison elaine price

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  1. Which park do you prefer?
  2. Copy an paste this link onto the address bar (pull up another internet window to do so so you dont loose this page.) Would you go in this coaster? http://members.aol.com/ansleymd/pics/ol_model_sm.jpg
  3. You are a zookeeper at a zoo. What animal do you work with?
  4. What species of bear would you rather see in the wild?
  5. While slicing a banana, what do you use?
  6. Where would be fun to camp?
  7. You make a friend then find out she was raised by wolves for the first 10 years of her life. What do you do?
  8. The London Eye is tha tallest ferris wheel in the world. You sit in 'bubbles' that can fit 8 people and are durable and firmly attatched. Do you ride it?
  9. While riding a tall coaster, do you get 'wet'?
  10. Hey! A panda!
  11. Are you scared of ghosts?
  12. Out of these, what job would be cool to have?
  13. What color is your underwear?

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Quiz topic: Just how brave am I?