How brave are you

Many people are afraid they might not pass this qiuz . But you don't lose anything plus is the only way to find out if your brave .wait for more you don't have to read this you are just waisting your time . remember the questions on the quiz

thanks for takeing the quiz . You pass the quiz by take in it ,because if you take it your brave wait for more quizzes soon you just waisted your time by reading all this and think about some questions on the quzz

Created by: Juan

  1. Imagine that your best friend that you know for life gets with the person you like?
  2. Imagine theirs a criminal with a gun and he says to you and your friends "i'll have to shoot one of you " and he let's you pick who would pick?
  3. Imagine you and your best friend go somewhere they give a free 2007 car . would you let your friend keep it?
  4. If your best friend invites you to the movies ,but that day your girl/boyfriend also invites you to the movies too what would you do?
  5. who do you think that it's a good friend ?
  6. have you ever though that you know a friend sence a long time ago and now you don't hang with him/her because you know that is cooler but your other friend has been there for you? What do you think?
  7. do you think that you put attention to your real friends ?
  8. think who is a real to you not because he's or you are cool what matter is true friendship because if their true they could do anything for you.
  9. what is favorite subject ?
  10. do you plan to go to?
  11. what kind of person are you
  12. Bonus and final question what would it be the most dangerous thing that you could do to your friend ?

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Quiz topic: How brave am I