What Is Your Tumblr Personality Type?

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A little quiz on tumblr girls and which one are you. Whatever you get-don't worry, all types have their pros AND cons. That's my first quiz, so don't judge. Good luck!

5 types of tumblr /ticktock girls combined. Are you a girly girl who loves pink or a vsco girl whose biggest deed is saving the planet. No offensive or/and private questions. So hope you like it as I worked very hard on it.

Created by: Girl Quizzes Maker
  1. What is your favourite colour?
  2. Accessory? Why not!
  3. Are you a feminist?
  4. Lovely! Now do you have a crush/boyfriend? Barely affects the answer but still do it.
  5. Do you want to marry and have children?
  6. What is your makeup look?
  7. Your EVERYDAY hairstyle!
  8. Favourite waterbottle.
  9. Your clothing style.
  10. ~~~Good ! Now, did you like the quiz(*doesn't affect the result*) ?~~~

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Quiz topic: What Is my Tumblr Personality Type?