How Real Essex Are You

There seem to be a raft of lame county quizes that are more about celebrity than the county or history. Do you really know Essex? If so give this quiz a crack and see how you do.

Your chance to show what you know about the county of Essex. Do you know your Basildon from your Basil Brush? Or your Southend from your rear end? Then gave a go!

Created by: Baz
  1. What is Londons third airport?
  2. What is Thaxted the famous home of?
  3. Which seaside resort has the worlds longest pier?
  4. What is the oldest town in Essex?
  5. What is a Dunmow Flitch?
  6. What is on the county flag?
  7. Essex is named after?
  8. What is the county's largest forest?
  9. What village is described as the most photographed village in the UK?
  10. Where is the driest place in Great Britain?

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