How Walthamstow are you?

A large part of identity is tied up in a sense of place. Where you are from- that kind of thing. People are proud to be northern. Or Welsh. Or Scottish. Or even from Essex.

But what about us proud Stovians? or should that be Walthies? However you want to put it, people from Walthamstow are a lucky and rather special bunch.

Created by: anon
  1. You have a bunch of bananas. What are you going to do with them?
  2. Why have you got wet feet?
  3. You want a loaf of beautiful artisan bread. Where do you go?
  4. Who's your local MP?
  5. Your front door is painted green. Why?
  6. What is outside your house?
  7. Who is Wriggly Rick?
  8. You're at the Rose and Crown and feel a bit peckish. What do you eat?
  9. How much are fruit and vegetables?
  10. You spot something that annoys you. What do you do?

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Quiz topic: How Walthamstow am I?