How Colchester are you ???

How Colchester are you? Take this test and find out! Do you know your Silk Rd from Silk Cut? Take the test about Colchester and find out, have fun and good luck.

Are you a Colchesterian. Born, bred and proud to be Colchester. Crazy mix of Essex, Students and Para's the crazy party capital of Essex. With a reputation as a hard drinking party town. Take the Colchester challenge.

Created by: Marcos
  1. Where abouts is the "Silk Rd"
  2. Where do Colchester united football club play ?
  3. What is the name of Colchester daily newspaper?
  4. What frequency is Heart FM Colchester on ?
  5. What is the name of the biggest council estate in Colchester ?
  6. What is the population of the borough of Colchester ?
  7. What famous celebrity comes from Colchester?
  8. What famous pop group comes from Colchester?
  9. How far is Colchester from London?
  10. What mainline train station in London does the train in Colchester go in to ?
  11. What is Colchester famous for ?

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Quiz topic: How Colchester am I ???