How Much Do You Know About Famous People?

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How Much Do You Know About Famous People? Are you a Celebrity Expert? Do you have some knowledge? Do you know anything at all about what is going on in the Hollywood Industry? Take this Test now to find out what your Celebrity IQ is!

Are you ready to find out how much you know about Famous People? If you are ready to find out your Celebrity IQ, then take this test now! You may be surprised!

Created by: GlitterCakes
  1. This dirty comedian is also a clean father of 3 young girls on a family television show.
  2. She may have only shaved her entire head once, but it took quite a while to grow back.
  3. "Look what you made me do" is sung by who?
  4. Maleficent was played by who?
  5. Who is the main character in ICARLY?
  6. Which of the following songs was NOT sung by Justin Bieber?
  7. This woman was recognized for having purple eyes.
  8. Her name is no, her number is no, her sign is no, but who is she?
  9. Which of the following celebrities are twins?
  10. What is Ariana Grande's date of birth?
  11. What age did Nicki Minaj turn in December 2018?
  12. Which of the following songs was NOT sung by Adele?
  13. Who is the singer of the song Shape of You?
  14. There might be something about Mary, but who is Mary in real life?
  15. What month was Johnny Depp born in?
  16. What is Miley Cyrus's hometown?
  17. Who belongs to the group Maroon 5?
  18. What is Fergie's real name?
  19. In which month and year was Selena Gomez born?
  20. Who is Bella Swan in real life?

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