Who is your celebrity girlfriend

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Do you love celebrities men of the world? I do too. So we who of these beauties you love. Famous l, generous, beautiful no matter what this quiz will test you of these options.

Will a supermodel be the one? An actress in a dark industry or an actress in general? You will find out which famous lover is yours? And who knows maybe you will have something with them in the future?

Created by: Josh

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What hair color do you prefer?
  2. Where do you take them on your first date.
  3. Dream Job?
  4. Here comes a few yes or no questions. Do you feel entertainment has gone to far today.
  5. Another yes or no question question? You shallow?
  6. Do you want the girl to appeal through you hormones, brain, or the heart?
  7. And who do you want
  8. Part 2
  9. You will marry this person.
  10. Thx for taking the quiz

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Quiz topic: Who is my celebrity girlfriend