How well do you know cheryl pepsii riley

Celebrities are everywhere on TV these days! It's like all every one wants to be is...famous but are famous people just like us? In the regular world?

Do you remember those old celebrities? Can you remember what albums? What songs? Who they married? What's up with them on a daily basis? Well it's time to find out...

Created by: Zaria S.

  1. What is Cheryl pepsii riley's nick name?
  2. How many kids does she have?
  3. Which Tyler Perry play has she played in?
  4. Before signing what was her career?
  5. In question 4 how many hours did she work?
  6. What month and day was she born?
  7. Who is her spouse?
  8. What is one of her quotes?
  9. Which song of her's went through the roof, and still is at the top of the chart?
  10. What was the name of her first album?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know cheryl pepsii riley