What kind of bears do u like( stuffed,or real)

There many bear in the world. Teady bears real bears. What is a bear you may say. A bear is a living thing it is almos like us. A teady bear is so much diffrent from us and real bears. Now now a bear is something real and dangrus so be cearful ,compered to a teaddy bear

Which is your favorite bear . Findout in this quis it may or not be true but it is fun for you snd me i had fun doing it an you will have fun taking it

Created by: Vanessa

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your favrite color for a bear
  2. Would you like to....
  3. Which is you favrite
  4. Do u like to ....
  5. Would you like a real live bear in your backyard?
  6. How would you like a bear?
  7. Which is a perfect bear
  8. Teaddys R.......
  9. Which is the best?
  10. Bears r

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