Quiz About Bears

There are many types of bears, but what do people know about these amazing creatures? I don't know that much about them myself, hence the relatively small amount of questions.

So, are you an expert on bears? Try this quiz and find out. There are questions about fictional bears as well as the real ones... hope you enjoy it...

Created by: Azif Ucan

  1. Which bear lives above the arctic circle?
  2. Which bear lives in China?
  3. Which bear lives in Australia?
  4. Which bear was named after a train station?
  5. What are baby bears called?
  6. Which bear has a friend named Piglet?
  7. Which bear is a good swimmer?
  8. What is it called when some bears sleep for long periods of time in the winter?
  9. Are polar bears dangerous to humans?
  10. Which is the BIGGEST bear?
  11. Mowgli had a bear friend called...
  12. In Disney's Robin Hood which character is played by a bear?
  13. What bear is part of the WWF logo?
  14. What do bears have to keep them warm?
  15. Which country has no type of bear living in the wild?

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