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  • At 37%, this does make sense. Although I was diagnosed with autism at a young age, I have always been told that I am probably more neuro-typical than most with the condition. Particularly now that I have reached adulthood, things like social interaction are getting a little easier. And despite the fact that making friends is still a moderately hard for me, just remember that practise makes perfect. It's like riding a bike; ironically however I still can't ride a bike!!

    • I relate to this way too much

    • I dont understand ur meltdowns,Idk how to fix it but maybe rewriting the cause and stopping ur meltdown during it could work I have another approach but if u wanna chat about this msg me on Twitter @T12429587

    • I've got the same score, I've shown signs of neurodivergence, but I have never been diagnosed!

  • 54% Neurotypical, yeah, people thought I was a autistic because I acted like one when I was little but never thought like one, all my past meltdowns, my old anxiety and other traits have nothing to do with bothering or loud noises.

    For example, when I covered my ears in the past because of loud noises, it didn't hurt at all, I was only scared to become deaf and hear nothing.

    When I had meltdowns, it happens for no reason, I was traumatized because of my dad being violent with my mom in the past, and because of my past sensibility, I had meltdowns everywhere, even where no one is there and when it's quiet, and it also happened due to my paranoia, I was scared of people insulting me and then the fact that my own fear happened, I got an emotional meltdown, I tried to kill myself by banging my head on the wall.

    I know it's too much, but I want to prove that it's not autism in case some of you think of it.

  • 41% neurotypical!

    - ever since childhood, I've had trouble socializing, so unless someone wanted to play with me (I had some friends in primary school for ex), I would just continue drawing in recess, since exploring new ideas and creating things is what my brain automically does. However, I always wanted to make friends, so not being able to feel like I belong is still something that upsets me to this day

    - HATE loud and sudden noises, I was hella afraid of fireworks as a kid, so I couldn't enjoy it like other people, and thunder STRESSES ME OUT!! I can support crowds tho, even if the thing that would annoy me the most of them is how to navigate to them and how loud they are. can also support bright lights and most textures

    - had trouble making eye contact as a child, so I had to learn how over the years, now I kind of abuse on it :b

    - can't read sarcasm, wish I could

    - most things stresses me out due to me overthinking everything since I'm VERY self-concious, so I feel like an outcast most of the time

    and thats pretty much all the traits that'd possibly make me at least neurodivergent :]

  • 27%. I guess it makes sense. My humor is a bit far-fetched for my age, especially for a 12-year-old, and I seem to relate more to adults rather than my peers. That being said, I definitely feel as if the percentage could be higher considering the situations are ones I'm unfamiliar with. It shocked me to know that the grammar errors were acknowledged at the end, though! I was absolutely caught of guard at the fact they were intentional, and not a result of some haphazardly put together quiz. :)

  • I got 45% just took this quiz randomly while scrolling through the website and finding tests to take. I was always introverted, Ill give it that. I genuinely found it hard to make friends, more so now that Im an adult and in college - in high school, I had my old friends from elementary school I was familiar with and knew very well. Im not sure if Ive been called weird before, most of my closest friends came from online and I usually just stuck to doing my own thing. I know this is probably pretty random, but Ive always looked younger than I am too and I dont seem to mind that

  • 23% neurotypical - interesting because I was never "considered" to be possibly autistic or any way not "normal" except for being a quiet person, which is often just considered being introverted (including by myself). Granted, extroversion is the "norm" in U.S. society.

    I've always been considered "strange" and usually find a few people who are also considered "strange" and sometimes make connections, especially if we have similar interests.

    I chuckled at the question about the spelling errors. I used to do editing so I noticed them. I didn't get irked by them but I was thinking "this could use some proofreading" :D

  • 25% Not good at socializing, still enjoy it,; but in small groups. Better at other things. Possibly Autistic...

    Well , I do have Aspergers Syndrome (Medically Diagnosed) which is a form of Autism. It causes much more severe social anxiety than those without it; Aspergers makes social interaction for me almost as difficult as moving around for a person with Polio. Just wanted to have the confirmation and and share a little bit.

  • 30% I don't think I'm autistic, but I might have Asperger's. It's annoying people are saying that isn't a diagnosis anymore, it is. Like why are they trying to make things more confusing saying Asperger's and autism are the same thing? There are distinct differences. I do understand why I'm that % bc I have a hard time talking to people and conversations are confusing and hard for me to do. When I was a kid people said I had autism or some type of learning disability, and I believe I have a learning disability, but I don't think I'm autistic.

    • It's basically the same thing, yes. The DSM no longer recognizes Asperger's as a diagnosis because of the controversy attached to its coiner, Hans Asperger who actively took part in the Nazi Regime and devised the Racial Hygiene theory. So, now Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is used to instead refer to the same set of clinical symptoms as Asperger's. And so today, you can't receive a diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome in the United States.

  • I got 17%, I haven't been diagnosed so it makes me confused to see other people with higher percentages that are diagnosed.

    It makes me feel like I over exaggerated, but I know I was as honest as I could.

    I have many autistic traits and have been suspicious of whether I have it for a while, but I'm not gonna take this too seriously or anything, I am in the process of getting diagnosed for ADHD which I don't think I have, so I might try to get diagnosed for autism.

  • I didn't create the gender question, the site automatically puts in it. I wouldn't have a gender question at all if it was up to me. By the way, it does not affect your result. It's kind of annoying that the site makes you include that question.

    • Im a cis-woman but I was bothered there was not an option for those who are fluid or do not identify as a gender.

  • 34% for me as well. Though i know i'm not autistic i'm certainly intraverted. Though I had trouble throughout school with bullies and so I tend to shy away from most until i get to know them. It can be difficult for some of

    us that are shy, kind, caring and considerate. Some people

    see this as being different and anything thats different

    can be misunderstood. We fear what we do not understand !

  • I got 37%, I'm 17 years old and I have shown signs of neurodivergence, I know this quiz can't be 100% accurate especially since I used to have depression and I have had high levels of anxiety since I was 10-11 years old, I have struggled to do lots of things due to my traits that are similar or identical to neurodiverse ones, should I reach out to a doctor?

  • Those spelling errors. I went through the entire quiz hoping that the person did them on purpose, thank God they did. Also, I got 13% neurotypical and am still wondering if I am just becoming hyper-aware of things because I'm researching autism, which I think I might have. What should I do if I don't have the courage to tell the people around me that I need to be diagnosed?

  • 22% neurotypical but I haven't been diagnosed, don't have the money to go through that now. People always call me odd tho and my family is really patient with me at times because they say I am difficult and extremely complicated but they love me nonetheless. Do u think I might have Asperger's?

  • Creator of quiz here again. I meant to say "At the time, I was not allowed to use the internet after 11:00 so didn't have time to proofread it (or ask anyone for help because I am the world's worst proofreader) and I was tired of making it and didn't really want to look it again so posed it" as well.

  • You are 0% neurotypical! 0%

    You aren't neurotypical at all. Sure, it may mean others think of your social skills as "very poor", but that's doesn't mean you aren't good at anything, you probably have a skill other than socializing, which is probably not something you enjoy anyway. It is very likely that you are autistic.

    • Hello! I am nonbinary, so I was quite bothered that there weren't more more options in the "genders" section. I would and I think a lot of other people would appreciate it if you added more options! Anyways, great quiz.

      I got 9% neurotypical. You aren't neurotypical at all. Sure, it may mean others think of your social skills as "very poor", but that's doesn't mean you aren't good at anything, you probably have a skill other than socializing, which is probably not something you enjoy anyway. It is very likely that you are autistic.

  • 0% neurotypical..

    I've always felt like I don't fit in with society, but this was an unexpected eye opener. I suspect I may have ADHD and ASD, which doctors agree with. That would make me neurodivergent, but I didn't expect my "neurotypicalness" to be that low, I in fact didn't even think that was possible.

  • TWENTY-ONE PERCENT? That's it?! How on earth have I reached adulthood having gone undiagnosed? Apart from never having seen professional -- actually, no, that'd do it, I reckon. And I was completely homeschooled, so it's not like I would've been diagnosed 'at school' either.

  • 28% neurotypical. I'm not autistic, but even my psychiatrist of fourteen years says I'm "odd." She said that if I wasn't so good at picking up social cues (or rather, handling situations where I don't), I would definitely be diagnosed. I'm probably just strange though.

  • I'm not sure how good/relevant the questions are but the grammar and spelling mistakes are horrendous. I had to guess some answers as the questions were unclear. I tried to click to rate the quiz but it just automatically selected way more stars than I'd have given it. Frustrating!

    • i didn't notice any? I also got 3% nerotypical so-

    • I believe the mistakes were intentional; for screening: as they were referenced in the quiz.

  • 0% Neurotypical

    I find this evaluation to be quite factual. Even though this is clearly not a professional quiz and is far too short (with spelling errors), it was still quite a decent list of questions. The main Asperger's quiz lists me at 8 of 200 on Neurotypical and 192 of 200 on Aspie.

    • I got 9 percent on the quiz. I think that your throat will be sore if you are a neurotypical. NEUROTYPICAL WITH SPECIAL EDUCATION feels so angry that he doesn't talk with people. That's the problem with Neurotypical

  • You are 46% neurotypical! 46%

    You are sort of neurotypical, but also show signs of autism. You probably enjoy intellectual activities more than socializing or maybe you enjoy socializing, but you aren't a genius at it. You could be autistic, but may not be.

  • 22%... uh wow that seems like the lowest score here

    I guess being homeschooled could also affect this score maybeee? And the fact that I did not notice/focus on any grammar mistakes and was just looking at the questions itself says a lot. Hmmm

    • Nvm it's not the lowest score here lol

  • i got 14% & am on a waitlist for an autism diagnosis, idk why i took this quiz anyways but yeah. please fix the grammar & spelling errors they are quite irritating. i understand that the ones in the test are intentional (judging by the last question) but there was also a grammatical error in my results (it said "that's doesn't" instead of "that doesn't").

  • nine percent and "quite possible that im autistic" do I bring it up with my parents that I wanna get tested for autism and possibly adhd? I'm a minor and I brought getting tested for adhd a little bit ago and they just laughed and said "yeah right". how do u get tested/bring it up again/make them take me seriously?

    Sweet Dino

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