How much English are you

England, there is so much to know about us. The kings and queens. Wars, etcetera etcetera. England is such a great country to know about. Please read on to find out more about this quiz.

How much do you know about England? This test will tell you if you are. Don't worry, you can be English and get a low score, don't worry.In a few minutes you will find out how much you know about this country.

Created by: Sarah
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  1. What is our National Anthem?
  2. Who is our Monarch?
  3. What is our capital city?
  4. When was the great fire of London?
  5. Which Princess died in a car crash?
  6. When was the Victorian times?
  7. What war went on during 1929-1940ish?
  8. What bit of the country is shaped like a boot?
  9. What is the most famous T.V channel?
  10. What year was the latest Queens jubilee?

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