how much do you know about minecraft?

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minecraft is cool game and there are little mystery questions in the game. minecraft is building and fighting monsters game! just like building your own imagination! i'm little sad because i can't play miecraft because minecraft is for JAVA computer.

but enough about me! how much do you know about minecraft? are you obssesed with that game? would you be a lazy gamer? do you know all mystery questions in minecraft? find out by taking this quiz!

Created by: patrick

  1. which monster eats human flesh/meat?
  2. which is most importnant? (for humans,of course).
  3. what is best on endercreeper?
  4. is herobine unfriend to monsters?
  5. what is most powerful monster?
  6. what is the creepiest monster?
  7. why does creeper explode?
  8. does golem in minecraft killing humans or monsters?
  9. why are there any monsters in minecraft?
  10. does baby creepers make big explosions?
  11. and last question: does baby creeper have faces lke grown up creeper?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about minecraft?