How Missourian Are You?

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This is a quiz on your knowledge of a wide range of facts about Missouri. Some answers are obvious, others are difficult. This is a 40 question quiz. Don't feel bad if you only get around 50% on it... That means you knew half of the answers.

Many of the questions here are asked in a way that allow you to learn from it, such as: Which of the following possibilities are actually false? A question such as that gives you information on what is true.

Created by: Dusty J
  1. How do you pronounce "Missouri"
  2. What is the state nickname
  3. What is the largest city in Missouri (by population, 2013)
  4. What is the largest city (by total area)
  5. What is the largest Metro?
  6. Please choose the accurate listing (from largest to smallest) of rail hubs...these are the top 3 in the U.S.
  7. What is Missouri's ranking in total area (amongst U.S. States)
  8. What is Missouri's rank in population (amongst U.S. states)
  9. What is the Capital of Missouri
  10. True or False: the City of Saint Louis was founded approx. 13 years prior to the signing of the American Declaration of Independence
  11. True or False: Kansas City, Missouri was incorporated as a municipality 19 years prior to the incorporation of Kansas City, Kansas
  12. True or False: Kansas City, Missouri was settled as an organized community 18 years prior to that of the settling of the Kansas City, Kansas Community
  13. Which 3 countries have ruled over Missourians since the first Europeans settled the area that is now the State of Missouri
  14. Which country has technically ruled the area of Missouri twice (non-consecutively)
  15. What were the two post native territorial names given that Missouri was a part of
  16. What are the 3 major military installations in Missouri
  17. Which is a mountain in Missouri
  18. Which state was Missouri (in order of admission to the Union)
  19. What are the two major rivers in Missouri that also determine part of the State's borders
  20. Which 2 U.S. Presidents lived in Missouri
  21. What are the 3 main colors on the state flag, and what is their orientation
  22. How many MLB teams, NFL teams, and NHL teams are there in Missouri
  23. What are 3 major amusement parks in Missouri
  24. First site of U.S. hosted Olympics (Summer or Winter)
  25. Which Missouri city was host to 1 of 6 World's Fairs hosted in the U.S.
  26. How many U.S. Naval vessels have been named the U.S.S. Missouri
  27. How many U.S.S. Navel vessels named Missouri are still afloat (2014)
  28. What is the state bird of Missouri
  29. What is the state song
  30. Which side of the Civil War was Missouri on
  31. How many states does Missouri border
  32. Who didn't live in Missouri (Arts and Literature):
  33. Who didn't live in Missouri (Baseball)
  34. Who didn't live in Missouri (Golf)
  35. Who didn't live in Missouri (Science and Economics)
  36. Who didn't live in Missouri (Entertainment, Stage & Film)
  37. What are the 2 music genres that Missouri claims to be the birthplace of
  38. What style of food is Missouri best known for

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