How Missouri Are You?

It takes a special something to be a true Missourian. Do you have this special something? Well, you can find out with this amazing quiz. And, hey, even if you score low and really are from Missouri, it's okay.

So, how Missouri are you anyway? Most just assume they have the ability to be a Missourian, but do you really have it? You'll find out with this quiz!

Created by: Shella
  1. What is Missouri's State Tree?
  2. What's is Missouri's State Animal?
  3. What is Missouri's State Song?
  4. What is Missouri's State Bird?
  5. What is the Capital of Missouri?
  6. What would you drive all the way to Hermann for?
  7. If someone tells you they're "goin' down to the the lake", do you which lake they are talking about?
  8. What is so special about June 24th?
  9. Do you ever go to Walmart just because you're bored or are meeting friends?
  10. Do you know how to properly fry okra?
  11. Do you find hunting or fishing to be an entertaining pastime?
  12. Which of these famous people is not from Missouri?
  13. True or False: You Have "Windas" or "Winders" on your house?
  14. In Missouri, We Have Four Seasons: Almost Summer, Summer, Still Summer, and Christmas, True or False?
  15. Which Are You Most Likely to Have Around 6:00 PM?
  16. How Often Do You Drink Iced Tea?
  17. How Do You Measure Distance?
  18. Do You Ever Have to Switch From Heat to A/C in the Same Day?
  19. Do You Have Security Lights on Your Garage Even Though You Leave it Unlocked?
  20. What is Silver Dollar City?
  21. What is the Abbrievation for Missouri?
  22. Finally, Are You Proud to be a Missourian?

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