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  • I got a 33%... I've lived here, in the smaller towns like Rolla and now live in St. Louis... I do like fishing but not everyone knows how to fry okra and I certainly haven't heard anyone call any windows 'widas' or 'windehs' or whatever. My family has all lived here since the 1800s, but for some reason I feel like that's not going to help me here because I don't live in the middle of nowhere, and I'm not a hillbilly. Sorry, but not all Missourians are these days, if you would actually come for a visit instead of making a quiz full of stereotypes.

    Also I had no idea there was a Wal-Mart distinguishable trait for MO. I honestly thought all Wal-Marts were uber busy all the time and really messy and a pain.

    BTW if the quiz says they're not the quiz sucks.

  • Missouri is split into two sections - the city kids and the farmers. I live in the city, and I have a 30%. I have "windows" in my house, I went to Jefferson city for a school field trip, and for everyone's sake; this is more of a "Are you a South Missourian?" quiz more than anything... Plus, what does making ocra and knowing how to fish and hunt have anything to do with being a Missourian? This quiz is a false misinterpretation of how Missouri is runned - it makes us all look like country farmers with not a sense of how to read!

    Sorry to the maker, but more than 3/4th of Missouri's population live in North Missouri in places like Kansas City (also 3/4th in Missouri) and Lee's Summit. I live in Blue Springs - a fair sized town almost right below Kansas City - and nobody says "winders" or knows how to hunt or COOK ocra for their lives!

    • I live in Blue Springs too and the only reason I know how to hunt and fish is because my grandpa. And just to hunt we have to drive like 2 hours away. And the lake one there are at least 3 different ones here.

    • Riiight! I got 45% which is strange. I'm in Higginsville, which is just a small town, and I assure you that yeah, some Missourians have accents, but that mainly down south and in the country side.

      We aren't illiterate and there isn't necessarily a 'right' way to fry ocra.

      Younger folk here usually don't know anything about the state trees and stuff from what i've seen.

      Walmart is also NOT exclusively a Missouri staple, many other states have people who frequent Walmart like this. Plus, most people in Missouri don't just hunt for fun, usually its the people who live in the country side who hunt, and they do it for food. Down south is where you'll find the old-fashioned people. Sure, there are plenty of farmers here, but there is a even larger amount of city folk! Kansas-city, Lee's summit, Blue springs, these are all URBAN and decently sized cities! Not every thing is small, farming towns.

      This is a horrible misrepresentation of the state I was born and raised in! There should have been questions like, 'do you have a strong bond with your family?' because that's something us Missourians are proud of!

      This quiz is based off the older, more traditional Missourians who are rednecks, sit on their pontoon, drink beer, and talk about sports. I have only ever seen this down south and in RV parks or with older people. Very disappointing, imo :/

  • I'm from Florida, but have lived in Missouri for about 10 years. I got it 98% right because I drink iced tea, already know how to grow and fry okra, fish and fry fish, hunt if I have to, know what the heck lake everybody is talking about, and it isn't all that! I'd just like to know what I got wrong.

    I live in between St Louis and Springfield, and in my opinion it is summer for all of two weeks here. The rest of the time it's almost winter, winter, and almost spring. Then BOOM, it's summer for two weeks. Being from Florida where it's mostly summer with two weeks of something loosely called winter, I like Missouri.

  • I only scored an 80%, but was born and raised in Missouri! I have never lived anywhere but Missouri and I probably never will. The facts that I boycott Walmart and will never set foot in that store plus speak properly enunciated English seem to have wrecked my score. Here's a news flash: not all Missourians live at Walmart and a vast majority of us speak proper English.

  • Heh. I am from Missouri. The thing about this quiz is that, in some parts of the state, people aren't complete rednecks. Surprising, I know, but there is a bit of sophistication in this state, and not everyone has a horrible accent.

    Seeing as I only received a 57% and have lived here my entire life, I am going to assume that this quiz is false.

  • I think its funny the Herman Question I go to school there and Herman hill is where my friend mom works so its great that you put something like that. I got a 91% because i know everything except for Okra idk why you put that.I love fishin and huntin.But at the same time I live on a far in the middle of nowhere.

  • oh come on people, somebody made this for your entertainment for free and it's at least kind of funny. this is my home state, but i've lived all over and every state in which I've ever been has the country kids, the city kids, the rich and the poor, the intelligent/educate d and ignorant/uneducated . etc. If you're from here, you knew and understood everything the creator was talking about, so twist your panties out that bunch and stop being so serious. lol. cheers!

  • I got a 64% I have lived here my while life and two of those people I didn't even know who they were, why would I know how to get okra, I don't even like okra, but grandpa does. I like to hunt, fish, and go to Wal-Mart for fun. There are also like 6 lakes near me. And I live right in between Blue Springs and Lee's Summit.

  • I was born and raised in Missouri, and only got a 69%. From the questions the test was obviously NOT written by a native Missourian. Case in point the most obvious question would have been "do you pronounce Missouri as Missouree, or as Mizzourah". Every native Missourian knows that's a sure tip off as to what part of the state you come from, as well as if you are a "Mizzourah" transplant! GO MU!!!

  • Someone from KC said this is a quiz for southern MO and it is not. My family has been in rural southern Missouri for two centuries and nobody is like that... Whoever made this is wrong

  • I was BORN, RAISED, AND CURRENTLY LIVE in Missouri! You fail. I got 89%. Those things are COMPLETELY stereotypical. Not everyone has supper. Some have what we Missourians like to call "dinner" and good day to you, pardon me, good day to "YA'LL" sir -_____-

  • I think this quiz was made by someone from Illinois! I got a 66%. Maybe it was made by someone from Arkansas since Wal-Mart was so important!

  • 62% Missouri. I've lived in Missouri my whole life. My mama grew up here adn my grandma grew up here. My family has not left Missouri for six generations.

  • I only got a 68%. I taught Missouri history for 30 years, lived here 65 years, speak perfect English, and am an extremely proud 100% Missourian.

  • I got about 62%, and I've lived in Missouri for my entire life. What do accents, Wal-Mart, iced tea, and okra have to do with anything?

  • I got a 35%

    I have lived in Missouri nearly twenty years and this is hilarious

    The Coldest Sun
  • Where are the correct answers, according to you?

  • Your result 19% you have heard of it but maybe you should take a vacation to Missouri. Bruh I live in Missouri

  • 100% missouri i've lived in missouri my whole life and i love missouri more than anything except my family friends drawing and being a tatto designer thats what i've been wantin to do sence i was about 6

  • I got a 15% and lived here my whole life. People from St. Louis and Kansas City won't get the same answer as a farmer.

  • I got a 66% and lived in Missouri for 10 years! No, no, and no! And okra has nothing to do with it. I love Missouri!

  • Your "state bird" is incorrect its the blue jay not blue bird.

    Quiz fail
    Did enjoy it though

  • Loved this quiz. Sometimes the winter is really cold here in KC though. Missouri REPRESENT!

  • I have lived in Missouri my entire life (19 years) and I got a 44%.

    Jack Huston
  • This quiz is so stupid! No one I know has an accent. And I lived In Missouri my whole life, and I got 30%


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