How Arab are you?

Okay so in this world my dad says there are three types of people. The doctors, the lawyers, and then me. Tehehe. No seriously, take this quiz to see how arab you really are. Are you like those wanna be’s out there who want to be arab just to get all the hot attention?

This test is not significant in truly knowing if your Arab or not, but you know, its fun none the less. I hope you enjoy taking it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Go on, show me what you got..bwahahha

Created by: UmmAbdulRahman
  1. For breakfast you have:
  2. You are sitting in a room, and your mom is in the room beside it preparing the dinner. Once all the food is ready your mom:
  3. For a party you arrive
  4. You are talking on the phone with a friend. Finally, after 1 hour of talking you both decide to hang up.
  5. You refer to your dad's friends as
  6. To point things out, you use:
  7. For your career you have three choices given to you by your parents. Those three choices are:
  8. When you go to a city with many arabs in it, your family feels as if it is:
  9. You are a young Arab male, for the Eid celebration, you wear...
  10. At the airport:
  11. When cursing, you resort to:

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Quiz topic: How Arab am I?