How Much Do You Appreciate and Pay Attention To Doctor Who?

How well do you know Doctor Who? You will find out in this quiz. Are you a crazy Doctor Who fan, or just about the opposite? Come find out! Hope you enjoy it.

I hope that no one gets offended by the descriptions of the answers, I might have been too harsh writing it. I hope you get an accurate result, if you don't think so, just make up your own.

Created by: Emily .F

  1. What is the tenth doctor's catch phrase?
  2. What does TARDIS stand for?
  3. What is the Doctor's Wife's name?
  4. Who's face was the first face the eleventh Doctor's face saw?
  5. Which Doctor said "I don't want to go." Right before regenerating?
  6. What planet is the Doctor from?
  7. What is the eleventh Doctor's FAVORITE small piece of fancy clothing?
  8. What did the twelfth Doctor replace his sonic screwdriver with for a small period of time?
  9. Who was the ninth Doctor's first companion?
  10. How did the Doctor get the Tardis?
  11. How many seasons are there in the series? (Not including the Thirteenth Doctor)

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Appreciate and Pay Attention To Doctor Who?