How Annoying Is Your Brother(girls Only With Bothers)

Today a girl in my class bout her two pet rabbits up. The rabbits were really cute and we got to pat them but not much people did anyway there names were Sally And Molly.

Today one of how school computers didn't work so we couldn't use that one and we only had 5 in the class room and 2 in the little room expect the other class next to us was using it and there was.

Created by: moshi2200999
  1. Brothers How many do you have (ps I'm just picking mine for this Question)
  2. Do you have older brother or younger brother (ps I'm picking mine for this question)
  3. Dose your brother say CAN I PLAY CAN I PLAY-This question is for people with younger brothers?
  4. Does your brother take your stuff without asking?
  5. Does your brother always eat the last of the Cookies?
  6. Dose your brother have his music on louder?
  7. Dose your brother come in your room with out knocking?
  8. Does your brother yell at you for no reason?
  9. Does your brother scratch you for No reason?
  10. Does your brother pull your hair for no reason?
  11. Does your brother kick you or punch you?
  12. A question for you.
  13. Bye

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Quiz topic: How Annoying Is my Brother(girls Only With Bothers)