would you survive an evil bunny rabbit attack?

Welcome to a time where giant, collassel evil rabbits rule the earth. It is a giant invasion on mankind. To survive you must learn to battle werewolf rabbits, vampire rabbits, alien rabbits and zombie rabbits.

Think you can handle it? Good luck, you must be very smart to survive an evil bunny rabbit invasion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

Created by: krazykat
  1. You are skateboarding at a park with your friends. All of a sudden, a giant zombie bunny comes out!!! What do you do?
  2. Now you are at a football game (front row). An alien bunny comes out of hiding! What do you do?????
  3. Another scene change: you are surrounded by vampire bunnies! What do you do???
  4. Last scene change: at night you and your friend are at the movie theater. A werewolf bunny attacks! How do you defend yourselves?
  5. The best weapon to use when dealing w/ zombie bunnehs is...
  6. What about alien bunnehs?
  7. Howzabout vampire bunnehs?
  8. Or werewolf bunnehs?
  9. You like?
  10. Do you think you will survive?
  11. comment+rate?
  12. Watch for part 2!

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