Am I Ready For A Pet Rabbit?

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A bunny is a big commitment & responsibility. It is very important to learn about proper care before getting any pet to provide the best life possible.

Take this quiz to find out if your ready to take the next step & get your new rabbit! To meet my bunny gang, for bunny advice & more check out Tiffany’s Bunny Gang on YouTube.

Created by: Tiffany Michael of Click For Bunny Tips & More
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  1. What is the next best indoor housing option for your rabbit if you cannot free roam?
  2. Water bowls are most recommended for rabbits?
  3. What should be the main or first ingredient listed in your adult rabbit pellet food?
  4. Pellets are optional?
  5. which of the following greens are high in oxalic acid and should be fed more sparingly and rotated?
  6. How much fresh fruit daily should your rabbit have?
  7. What percentage of your rabbits diet should be hay?
  8. What percentage of your rabbits “fresh” food diet should be leafy greens?
  9. How many different types of leafy greens should your rabbit eat daily? (Minimum)
  10. What is the minimum cage requirement in the US?
  11. Rabbits under 6 months old should eat Timothy hay as the main hay source of hay?
  12. This is a sign your rabbit is happy...
  13. All Of the following are good litter/bedding for your litter box except _________.
  14. Rabbits are considered low maintenance pets and are a good starter pet for a child under the age of 12?
  15. What will a pregnant doe do days or hours before giving birth?
  16. A toy that is not good for a rabbit would be _______.

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