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  • I got 38% but my brothers are SO much more annoying. I only have 2 brothers and they are both younger then me but they won't let that stop them. I also have 3 sisters and I'm as well a girl, so I still have a lot of fun because my sisters aren't annoying at ALL. I'm thankful that my little 18 day old sister turned out to be a girl, so now the girls outnumber the boys!! I'm the oldest of the children as well, and I just turned 11. It sometimes seems like there are more boys, though.

    Remember Joy
  • Question #12 is really bad and should not be there. And the 'correct' answer is even worse. The Bible says that nobody should hate their brother, but just hate the things that they do.

    Faith M
  • I have 4 brothers and they're all so annoying!!! In fact one of them is playing the saxophone so loud right now -_- I hate my bros

  • I got 54% of my brother a little annoying...My brother is WAY annoying ... I hate my brother

  • I don't like my brother because he's a brat.


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