Hogwarts Love Story pt 9

Hi there! Part ten is up. It's the choosing of the tri-wizard champions and a trip to the well-known, well-loved, Rubius Hagrid! And plenty of Cedric!

You have a chance between years three and year seven to fall in love with your favourite character from Harry Potter! Will you get your dream guy? Only one way to find out, read on my friend!

Created by: vulturemonem

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  1. "Hi Ariella! Allison right?" you asked, directing the second at a tall girl with jet black hair. She nodded. "Professor Dumbledore wants to speak to you, ___," Ariella said, before skipping off happily. Bums, you thought. What the hell did he want? You'd miss the twins making a fool of themselves, trying to put their names in the Goblet. You groaned inwardly and sprinted up to his office. Better to get it over with. You knocked sharply. "Come in! Ah, Miss Rivers. Your parents give you their consent. Now if you don't mind," he motioned with his hand. You nodded quickly and clattered down the stairs. You grazed your elbow slightly on the wall. Why do I have to be so damned awkward, you asked yourself, irritated. You ran straight through Headless Nick and shivered at the cold feeling. Ditching your bags just inside the common room, you jumped down two flights of stairs and ran to the great hall. You were just I time to see the twins have some magic spell shot at them. They rose up, covered in grey hair. Everyone laughed. You sat down next to Ginny with a huge grin plastered on your face. She smiled sheepishly at you and, had you had your wits about you, you would have questioned it, but you hardly noticed it. Much less the fact that Harry's hand was around Ginny's. As it was, you were far too engrossed in Fred and George. They were screeching and clawing at each other like cats. Then Cedric Diggory walked in, surrounded by several of his friends, and hopped through the ageing line athletically. "Show off," you heard Harry mutter as he flicked his hair from his face. He dropped his slip of parchment into the flame and it shot a beautiful sapphire colour. There was a moment of 'ooh!' before Victor Krum stalked in, much the grumpy teenager. The effect was phenomenal, the entire room went silent and even Fred and George stopped their fighting. Hermione decided that that moment was the right one to remove the twins facial hair and leave them as they were before. Your eyes flicked briefly to her but quickly back to the flame as it turned an ungainly inky black. Krum's eyes flickered to Hermione and they smiled briefly, this didn't reach his mouth and his face and body remained stubborn, rude and impassive as ever.
  2. "Git," you heard someone mutter to your right. You jumped, you hadn't realised anyone had sat down by you. You decided to ignore them, then you froze. "Sorry, didn't mean to make you jump ___, but that Krum guy is a great seeker and a right prat. Who does he think he is? I mean did you see the look he gave your friend?" he asked, astounded. "Yeah I did," you lowered your voice, "I don't think she minded though," you replied mischievously. "Uh huh, her and another twenty million girls," he said grinning at you. "No! Cedric! He might be a world class quidditch player but boy I'd like to see him smile! I'd bet it's scarier than his scowl. Oh no, sorry, that's his face right?" you joked. Cedric and Ron, who had obviously been listening in, snorted in laughter. "What? Did I say something? That is his face right? Or is it a stone mask?" you asked innocently. They groaned and went off into helpless peals of laughter. You shook your head which made them laugh even more. Then you laughed as well. Wiping away your tears of laughter, you caught the look on Hermione's face. "What?" you demanded, "You can't tell me that wasn't funny, I mean his face!" you groaned. "No, it was cruel," she said, snapping her book shut. "Hermione!" you protested, getting up. You felt a soothingly cool hand on your arm, you looked down to see Cedric. "Don't go, she'll come round," he said, almost pleading with his eyes. You looked to Harry, not wanted to be accused of anything, but he was chatting happily to Ginny, so you nodded, and sat back down. You watched as several other people threw their names in the Goblet. You sighed in satisfaction, knowing that no-one you loved you be harmed in the tournament. Then you caught yourself. Cedric? You mentally raised an eyebrow at yourself, seriously? Nice as he was... No! The other part of you brain shouted the more dominant part. I do care for Cedric, you thought to yourself. You sat bolt upright as the realisation hit you, smack, in the face. "___? ____? You heard someone asking. "____? What is it?" Cedric asked. The concern in his voice melted your heart. "Hm? Oh, nothing, sorry," you said hastily. "Last weeks potion's question caught up with you?" Ron asked jokingly. You whacked him over the head with Ginny's discarded book and snarled. Then you both laughed. Cedric looked bemused.
  3. "What's this?" he asked, with the same bemused look in his eyes. "Oh nothing," Ron said, more embarrassed for you than needs be. "Hermione and myself are known for being top of the class, I just have more sense of humour than her. So I'm 'ridiculed'," you said, rolling your eyes. Cedric laughed, "The feeling is mutal ___. Being good at quidditch doesn't help me either. I guess you don't have so much of that problem." Ron frowned at his words. "Actually Ced, ___ is in the Griffendor team," he said. You swore to yourself that Ron liked 'Ced', anyone else said that, he'd have ripped their head off. Cedric looked horrified, "I'm so sorry ___, I didn't realise I-" he said, frantically trying to cover up his mistake. "Oh Cedric do shut up, I couldn't care less if you didn't think I was any good at quidditch, you didnt know, fine. But shut up, god, you boy things will be the death of me," you said sighing. Cedric smiled sheepishly and Ron roared in mock indignation. You grinned at him. "Ron! Get. Butt. Back. Here. Else I'll set Crookshanks on you!" you yelled. Half of the room turned to stare at you but you didn't really care. You glanced at your watch and gasped. "I think we'd better be going," you said, noticing that Ginny had left, and Harry was just leaving, muffling his laughter at you behind his sleeve. Let him walk in troubled waters, you thought, shooting him a mock glare. You stood up with 'Ced' and Ron. You found Cedric's nickname hilarious, certainly said by Ron. The four of you trotted down the stair hurriedly, you were a little late for dinner. "Agh!" you cried, halfway down a flight of stairs. "___!!!" cried three voices at once. There was a little snarling over who would get there first, enough, you thought. "Look! Could you just shut the hell up?" You yelled angrily. Surprisingly, Ron was the first to clear his head enough to move his ugly butt. You were angry, they all had ugly butts. "Ok, we're sorry ___-" Ron began. "Or maybe we're not?" Harry suggested. Cedric gave him a flaming look. "Ok ok, I'm just saying," he said hastily. "What's wrong?" Ron asked, much too calmly. What the hell? "I think I've sprained my ankle," you said, equally calmly, "It's fine, I can walk, I think," you continue before they could open their fat mouths. Bug them, why were boys so annoying? You thought. You tested it gingerly and found that you could indeed hobble around. "Thank God there's no quidditch," you said. "What?!" Harry and Cedric roared. "Sorry but I've-" you began. "No the no quidditch bit!" Harry said. "Oh right, well according to Oliver, Oliver Wood, there won't be quidditch because of the tournament," you replied. Ron snorted. You hopped down the stairs and into the hall, bidding Cedric fair well as you separated.
  4. You ate your dinner in silence. Then Hermione came over. "Look, ___, I'm sorry about earlier, I was stupid," she said. "I'm sorry too," you replied, happy you were friends again. You gave each other a quick hug. "Jesus! What's with the silence today?" you asked. Hermione dropped her fork. You swooped to pick it up for her and looked questioningly at Harry. "____, I know you have no memory, but seriously?" she asked. "What?!" you asked, absolutely flabberghasted. "____!" five people around you shouted. "It's the choosing of the champions!" Hermione hissed in your ear. You felt your cheeks go scarlet and you decided to take an interest in your fish. "Oh, now you mention it, I remember," you replied in a small voice. Ron rolled his eyes at you in despair. "So," the twins said, "Who are you rooting for?" "From Hogwarts?" you asked. Fred rolled his eyes. "Obviousy," George stated. "Um, Cedric Diggory I think," you replied, "You?" "Diggory, he's our best shot," Fred replied. Ron gave a vigorous nod of his head and promptly began to choke on his food. "God, the foreigners are here," Neville muttered. So unlike Neville, you thought. What is it with people today? Professor Dumbledore rose.
  5. "Your attention please! I will now draw from the flames, three names. One from each school, these shall be chosen by the Goblet of Fire, only the most worthy shall be chosen. Good luck to all," Dumbledore said as he neared the Goblet. He drew back his hand and a neat piece of paper flitted down. "The Beauxbatons champion, is FLEUR DELACOUR!!!" he roared. Cheers erupted from the Beauxbatons table and you smiled. For the brief moment you had met Fleur, she'd seemed pretty nice. Again, Dumbledore drew back his hand, and a second piece of singed paper dropped down. "The Durmstrang champion, VICTOR KRUM!!!" he yelled. The quidditch champion was greeted by victorious thumps on the Durmstrang/Slytherin table. One last time Dumbledore drew back his hand. One last time a piece of paper fell down to be caught by the mans wrinkled fingers. One last time Dumbledore called out, "The Hogwarts champion, is, CEDRIC DIGGORY!!!!!" he roared. Screams and cheers erupted from all four tables, but the Hufflepuffs were the loudest. How Cedric ended up in that house I'll never know, you thought. You found yourself screaming hoarse along with everyone else. You sat down as the cheering died down. "Excellent, we now have our three champions. Only one will go down in history. Only one will hoist this victory, this chalice of champions. The Triwizard cup!" Dumbledore said, as a cloth flew off the trophy. You caught Cedric stare at it before going into the champion's room. You stared behind Dumbledore in horror. The Goblet had not extinguished, instead, the flame had turned a dark crimson. Your gasps were echoed through the rest of the hall. Dumbledore turned and caught the fourth piece of paper. "Harry Potter," he whispered. You clutched Harry's arm. "Harry Potter?" Dumbledore said more clearly, but it was a question, not a statement or demand. "Harry Potter!" he yelled. You release your death grip on Harry's arm and let him go. His lips gave you a quick kiss before standing up and heading to the front. You had felt him trembling. Dumbledore shoved the piece of paper into his hand before scrutinising him, as horrified as you were. Ginny moved to take his place next to you and you put an arm around her and squeezed her half-heartedly. Harry had been another brother to her. A sudden fury ignited inside of you. Who in Gods name had put your boyfriends name in that death-trap? You asked yourself. Whoever it was wanted him dead. Who? Snape? Too risky. Then who?
  6. There was silence for a while, before teachers, from Hogwarts, Durmstrang and Beauxbatons alike, rushed about, determined to get to the bottom of it all. A boy from Durmstrang yelled, "Dese foreign students, dey cheat!" There were cries of agreement and cries of protest. One of the Beauxbatons girls stood up. "I doubt 'ighly dat dis 'ittle boy vas even capable of crossing dat line. Somevon 'as meddled," she said, wise behind her years. You took an imense liking to the Beauxbatons, they were very fair. Suddenly you felt a presence behind you. "Sorry to break up your cosy chat Miss Rivers, but you are wanted, follow me," said the owner of greasy black hair. Snape. Hermione gave you a sympathetic look before you were taken to the champions room. Harry engulfed you in a hug before Dumbledore cleared his throat. "___, Mr Diggory here tells me that you can vouch for Mr Potter not putting his name in the cup," he asked sceptically. "I suppose I can. Daytime, either me or my friends is with Harry, the only place he ever goes on his own is Hagrids, and he hasn't been there at all this year. Nighttime," you hesitated, "Well I think you'd put me in detention if I told you about a certain map Professor," you said your eyes full of meaning. He seemed to catch on. "I see. Well it seems that Harry cannot of put his name in the Goblet. And I doubt he would be foolish enough to ask somebody else. So, someone wants him dead," he concluded furiously, eyebrows furrowed. "To the devil with rules Albus!" McGonnal crowed, seeming to continue an earlier conversation, "He's a boy!" "I'm afraid that is my decision," Dumbledore said. "I'm sorry Potter," McGonnagle muttered in his ear. "Dismissed," Snape said silkily. "Harry! I'm so sorry!" you cried once out of the room. "I'll be fine," he said stiffly, "I think I'm going to bed now." You nodded at him and sat back down with your friends. "He has to," you whispered. There was silence as you explained what had happened, and what you assumed had happened.
  7. About an hour later, students began to disperse, after exhausting the dreaded subject yourselves, you decided to turn in early. "I'm going guys, see you later," you called. You felt a searing pain in your left ankle and you abruptly remembered earlier. You winced slightly as you reached the two oak double doors. You looked briefly behind you for no particular reason and smashe ditto someone. Why do I have to be this awkward? You asked yourself for the millionth time. "May I escort you back madam?" asked a soft voice. You looked up to see Cedric. He steered you out of the way of the oncoming surge of Slytherins and then smiled at you. You blushed and nodded, thankful. "Well done Cedric," you whispered, breaking the growing tension. He smiled, slightly nervously. "Thanks ___," he answered. "You're Hogwart's best," you persisted, determined to boost his low self-esteem. "I'll try to live up to that," he said, smiling. "Ouch," you winced as you began to mount the first set of stairs. Cedric glanced down to you and held out his arm for support. "Here," he said. "Thanks a lot Cedric," you replied genuinely. You leaned on him and slowly climbed the stairs. As you reached the top you groaned inwardly about the next three flights of stairs. You began to tire on the last flight so Cedric held your waist, now supporting the majority of your weight, and you got up. "You should get that checked," he said. "No, I'm muggle born Cedric. I've had about five, I just need to wrap it with something," you replied. "I know, my aunt is a doctor, I know the basics. Looks bad though," he said. You shivered at the cold blast of air that hit you and you and he rubbed your arm quickly. "Thanks," you replied as your reached the portrait hole. "Bye!" he called as he walked off.
  8. Sometime during the early hours of the morning, you were woken by thunder. You alarm clock said a quarter to five am. You groaned and rubbed your temples. You'd never get back to sleep with the racket outside, so you slipped downstairs and out the portrait hole. You slipped behind a suit of armour as Filch passed you but you remained unnoticed. You carried on quietly, sticking to the shadows cast by the vast stone walls of the castle. You hopped down the stairs and contemplated using your broom to get around but you decided against it. Detentions with Filch were never pleasant. Finnally you reached your destination. You slipped behind the tapestry and through the little brown door, sighing at the smell that met your nose. "Miss ____!!!" Dibby the house-elf cried. You smiled at his enthusiasm, "Hey Dobby." The Hogwarts kitchen was a common place for you to go at night, you were well aware that the twins did occasionally too but you hadn't run into each other yet. "Could I have a hot chocolate please Dobby? Thanks!" you said, smiling as he tottered off. "Here you are Miss ____!" he chirruped. "Oh Dobby? Incase I don't see you, merry christmas!" you said. Handing him the wrapped hat you had sewn and embroidered for him. He hugged you in pleasure and put it in his little hole. You returned to your room happily.
  9. As you hopped through the portrait hole, you heard hushed whispers. You saw the silhouette of the twins and listened carefully. All you could make out was they were talking about a 'her'. You came out of the shadows and they froze, suddenly embarrassed. Weasley twins embarrassed?! "Hey guys," you said quietly. "Hey ____," George replied even quieter. "Didn't get picked then hu?" you joked, talking about the tournament of course. Fred frowned, "Nah, it was a joke really." You raised an eyebrow in speculation. "A joke? That mission is a suicide warrant," you said grimly. "But-" George began. "I know. But Dumbledore won't let him die, I hope," you said sighing. Your heart filled with worry at the thought of Harry, Harry, participating in those, those THINGS. Just then, the three of you heard the sounds of arguing. You motioned to the twins to hide so you could listen. "Why? Why the hell didn't you tell me?! Your best friend?" Ron was asking furiously. "For the last flipping time, I DID NOT PUT MY NAME IN THAT CUP!!!" Harry was roaring. "How d'you get picked then?!" Ron roared back. "I have no idea Ronald Weasley, but you leave him ALONE!!!" you screamed in his face. Ron stared at you for a minute. "Oh yeah. I get it, you, Hermione and Ginny have decided he's better. Boy who lived and all that. Yeah I get it," he said sulkily. Ron stalked out. "No Ron!" you called. But he was slamming the portrait hole shut anyway and he didn't so much as look back. "Thank you," Harry said quietly, planting a kiss on your forehead. There was a knock at the portrait hole. You exchanged a glance with the twins, who had suddenly appeared. "Which house are you in?" Fred asked mischievously. "Hufflepuff," came the answering reply. "Alright, come in. If you're a Slytherin I swear," George trailed off as you rolled your eyes at him. "Hi Cedric," you said, smiling gently. "Hi ___. How's the ankle?" he asked. "Ok, when covered in a tubby-grip," you replied grinning. "Anyway. Harry. McGonnagle wants to talk to us about the first challenge. And we all have an interview with that Rita Skeeta journalist tomorrow. See you," he said. Harry was glaring at Cedric's retreating back so you nudged him purposefully. "Breakfast?" you asked. He nodded and followed you out, still frowning about something. Boys.
  10. "Hi Harry, ___!" Ginny called from the end of the Griffendor table. "Hi Ginny!" Harry said brightly. "Hey," you replied extremely distracted. Cedric was mouthing something from across three tables. "What?" you mouthed back. He shook his head as his friends came over and you sighed, sitting down next to Hermione. "What?" she hissed in your ear. "Later," you hissed back. Later. Later meaning twenty years kind of later. Oh great. This day can't get any better. You thought as Draco came over. He smirked. "Hello, ugh. Next time I come over I need a peg," he said, wafting away a non-existent smell. He leant down to you. "Meet me by the quidditch pitch at the Ravenclaw tower at half eleven tonight," he replied. You nodded almost imperceptibly and, with a final smirk, he left. You shook your head as Dumbledore stood up for an announcement. At breakfast? Ugh. Life sucks, you thought. "Champions! Be in Professor McGonnagle's office at seven o'clock on Friday next week. Remember your interview tonight!" he called, with a Fred and George-like twinkle in his eyes. Harry groaned. "I hate interviews." You all laughed at that. "Much experience with that Potter?" Victor Krum hissed from behind you and Hermione. She blushed. "Someone has a crush," you whispered almost silently in her ear. She stamped on you foot hard and your eyes watered slightly. God that hurt, you thought. "Tonight," you heard him whispered. You saw her prod him in recognition of what he'd said, then he stalked off, resuming his grumpy teenager exterior. But his eyes shined. "You can do so much better," you muttered to her, eyeing the way he thudded around like an elephant with great dislike. "Maybe, maybe not. It's a secondary school crush fro crying out loud," she hissed in you ear. "What are you two whispering about?" Neville asked. "You're too observant for your own good," Hermione mumbled under her breath. "I heard that, no worries. My gran says that," he said good-naturedly. "It's ok Neville, nothing spectacular. I'm sure you'll find out in potions. We have it with the Slytherins for whatever God-Damm reason," you said bitterly. Ron let out a low growl and Harry snarled. "God, calm it guys!" Ginny groaned. "You don't have to suffer a double-session of Snape and Slytherins," Ron said. True, you thought.
  11. Sepia, your owl, flew down and dropped a letter infront of you. You frowned, who the hell was it from? You asked yourself. You opened it quickly. Oliver. Hi again ____, No. I didn't get hurt but Katie did. Just burns but she can't fly for a month. Groan groan. I heard about Harry. I'm very sorry. Pass that onto him. Oliver. Short! You thought. You showed Hermione and she scanned it quickly, nodding and handing it back to you. She smiled at you and got up, "I'm going to class. Bye!" she called. Class or 'Victor'? You asked yourself, snorting at the thought of them together. "Problem?" Ginny asked. "No!" you said, still struggling not to laugh. "I'm going too," you said to her. To Hagrids. You hadn't seen him all year and you missed him. You sprinted out and down the grassy bank. "Ariella!" you cried. "Stupify!" you yelled at Crabb, the Goyal, then finally Draco. You hit him square I between his shoulders. "I told you once Draco, DON'T MESS WITH ME!!!" you yelled as you walked over to Ariella. "He. Punched. Me. " she growled. You snarled at him as he neared you. He backed off, hands up. "Get rid of your bodyguards Draco," you hissed furiously. He waved them off and leant again the boulders, observing the scene with curiosity. "You ok?" you asked anxiously. "Just winded I think," she panted. You stalked up to Draco and punched his smirking face. His smile faltered. "This is becoming a habit Draco, you'll become Malfoy to me soon. Watch it," you said, offering Ariella you're hand. "Thanks ___," she said smiling. "That's fine. Now off you go," you replied, returning her smile. You returned your glare to Draco. "Why do you care for that shrimp?" he asked. You punched him again. "Malfoy!" you roared. "That. Is. My. Sister!" you screamed in his face. "You said you didn't have a sister," he stated, rubbing his jaw. "Yeah? Well I didn't! Adopted! And for your information Malfoy, I would have done it for anyone!" you shouted. The Git. "I'm sorry ___, but-" he began softly. "No Malfoy! No! But I have to keep up the pretence that I will be a death eater doesn't make it better. Life isn't always about pleasing other people. Sometime you have to please yourself." your voice softened, "Take Ariella. Her parents threw her out when she landed in Griffendor. But at least she can be herself. Try it Draco," You said, turning away to go down to Hagrids. "Thanks!" Draco called. You shook your head and continued on your way. One free period didn't last forever.
  12. You knocked on Hagrids door. "C'm in!" he called gruffly. "Hey Hagrid!" you said at an attempt to be cheerful. Fail. "You ok?" he asked anxiously. "Not really," you admitted. "Explain," he demanded as he put his ocean liner sized kettle on the fire. "For starters, Harry is in the tri-wizard tournament, and someone wants him dead. Secondly, Hermione is crushing like crazy on VICTOR KRUM of all people. Third, I seem to be a magnet to boys. Cedric, Harry, Ron, Neville, evn the twins. And Malfoy. Draco Malfoy. Ugh," you shivered. "I can see your problem. So who d'you like?" he asked with a cheeky glint in his eyes. "Another problem. All of them. But not as, as, you know," you explained uncomfortably. "So none of 'em?" he asked. "Well," you wriggled even more uncomfortably, "Cedric, and Harry," you said, admitting the first to yourself for the first time. Hagrid let out a low whistle. "I getcha. You'd better go ___, second period starts in ten," he said. "Bye Hagrid," you said giving him a hug. "Bye bye," he said gruffly. You walked back to the school and gasped. "Hello m'dear. Couldn't show me to the headmasters office could you? Thank you so much," Olivander said. You nodded and let the way. "Might I ask why you're here sir?" you asked politely. "Ah, I'm here for the weighing of the champions wands. Nothing big. Never been any problems to my knowledge. Old tradition, you know?" he rambled. "Oh," was all you said in reply. "Thank you ___," Dumbledore called as you opened the door for Ollivander. You nodded and hurried to ptotions. You sat down at your usual place and groaned as Snape put Draco with you. "Hey," he said quietly. "Shut up," you groaned in reply. Snape set you to make a poly juice potion as revision for next week. "Sir?" you asked, putting your hand up. "Yes Miss Rivers?" he snapped. He might not like Griffendors but, aside from Draco of course, you were the best at potions by far. "Could I move please? Anywhere else?" you asked hopefully. "Yes," he said devilishly, "Sit by Miss Parkinson." That went well, you thought sarcastically. You plonked your bags by Pansy. "You're learning," she purred. "I gave him some good punches if that's what you mean," you replied. "What?!" she screeched. "Oh come on. He punched a first year. He deserved it," you retorted. You began to make your potion. Ah ha! Pink! That should do it! You thought. By the end of the lesson, Draco and yourself had perfect potions. You groaned. How did he know? At least you had grabbed five points for Griffendor, although Draco got twenty. As the class was dismissed, Draco came over to you. "Meet me tonight, you know where," he breathed in your ear. You recoiled at his close figure. "Scram Malfoy," Neville said firmly. Neville? You sighed, life was way too complicated. At least this year should be exiting, you thought to yourself as you left.
  13. Hey guys! Woah! That was long! And my best I think? I'm sorry, it unedited, so sorry about any mistakes. I'm lazy! I would give some shout outs but I need to be hostess in ten! It should be part 10 but I was stupid! See you guys! Life is a candle!

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