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  • hehehehe Ron...*happy sigh* I just love him...

    GREAT QUIZ!!!!:D *accuses jokingly* I can't belive you put part 9 instead 10! I hope that never happens again. I was so excited when I saw your announcement, and thought it was the actual quiz until I started reading.

    I loved it! I think you know who I want to go to the ball with...*coughcough* *looks pointedly at Ron* *coughcough*

    Ron: you need a cough drop or something?

    me: no, I'm just talking to vulturemonem. Don't pay attention, go back to your paperwork.

    Ron: *picks pen back up* *looks suspiciously but amused at me* If you say so...

    me: *laughs* Yes! Now finish up the adoption papers!

    (Oh, did I not tell you? We're adopting a baby girl. One of Ron's cousin's daughters. Her parents died in a train wreck, the poor dear)

    I should go tell music826 now...

  • @liz_king97 you are completely mad! He he! I know who you want to go with. But will you? Ooh! Baby girl? Here we go again... *sighs*

    Ok, I'm off to make part 11, part 11, must. Remember. Part. 11. It will be short because it's a filler but I'm making some significant changes too. So watch out!

  • I made the same mistake as liz_king97. I had no idea this was out before! I just love your series, and I can't wait till Part 11! Haha, just remember to put Part 11 this time ;).


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