Hogwarts Love Story pt 9

Okay, so here is part 9. Sorry for the long wait before updating, I have been very busy. I'm also doing a Twilight fanfiction on Wattpad, my username is the same. The link is the one near the top, called 200 years without the Cullens if you want to check it out.

So, part 9!!! I'll get another update out soon, I promise. I hope you like it, please drop a comment, I feed on feedback! I think this is probably my best yet, the practise is paying off. Enough rambling. To magic we go! XD!

Created by: vulturemonem

  1. I'm back guys! *waves frantically* It's the holidays! I should get one or two updates done for Hogwarts and I'm working on part 4 of Don't Gimme Excuses. I'm also on Wattpad, I'm writing two stories. One is called the day I went and fell in love and is on hold, the second is a twilight fanfiction called 200 years without the Cullens. 200 years without the Cullens and Hogwarts Love Story are my priorities. J'adore! xX
  2. You found an empty carriage and plonked your bags down, motioning to your friends. The carriage was slightly squashed with all of you in it. You saw Ron's mouth drop open. (Welcome Sage Parsons character, Ariana Heartford) You turned to where he was looking and saw a pretty, tall girl. She looked in about the sixth year, she had kind, mature brown eyes and wavy brown hair. Her figure was slender and curvy and you noticed that the tips of her hair were dyed gold. "Hi..." you said at an attempt at conversation. "Hi," she said brightly, "I'm new, I'm in the fourth year. Professor McGonnagle told me to look for a _____ Rivers?" "Yes, that's me. Welcome to Hogwarts," you said, shaking her hand. "These are my friends. We're all in Griffendor," you said and you introduced everyone. "Hi! I'm in Ravenclaw, I was meant to join last year but there were, problems," she hesitated, looking around nervously. (Sage, I'm sorry but it fits the story better if she's not in Griffendor, forgive me please?) "And that," Ron muttered, "Is the biggest jerk in school." Ginny mock slapped Ron and Harry grinned at her. Draco came in looking smug. "Get. The. Hell. Out. Draco!" Hermione growled. "I'm sorry, am I interrupting your little gathering? Well McGonnagle just wanted to say that she wants to see you Potter," he spat. "Oh for gods sake Draco, disappear, wvoomp! Just get out," you said wearily. He smirked and left the compartment, but the smirk didn't reach his eyes. You needed to speak to Harry too. The truth.
  3. "And he, Ariana, is Draco Malfoy. Slytherin. Steer well clear from him, he's looking for trouble," Neville squeaked. "I think it's getting cramped in here, we're going Georgy, c'mon." You all stared after the retreating backs of the twins and frowned. Why were they so keen to leave? You felt a tug at your hand and looked down to see Ron. You hadn't realised you were the only one still standing up. You shook you head as though to clear water from your ears, then sat down by Neville and Ron. Why was life so difficult? You asked yourself. You were vaguely aware of being asked if you wanted to play exploding snap, but your mind was on other things. Lots of other things. Was Draco some two-sided figure? What was it the twins had been about to say? Ron? Ugh, you thought. You needed a distraction. "I'm going for a walk," you announced. "I'll come too, I should probably see what McGonnagle wants," Harry said. You smiled at him as you slipped out of the door. Time to talk. "Harry?" you asked timidly. "Hmm?" "Well," you hesitated, what exactly did you want to say? "um, well, I couldn't help noticing that Ginny..." you trailed off embarrassed. "Ginny? Pah! It's like you and Ron, don't be ludicrous ___," he laughed as you neared the teacher/prefects compartments. "I'll just be a minute, wait for me out here," Harry said, pressing his lips lightly to your forehead. You froze at the gesture but relaxed again when he patted your shoulder, hand shaking from laughter.
  4. You waited outside the compartment and stared out of the window. It was raining, the bleak feeling from the World Cup could be felt amongst students and teachers, an unspoken worry. You jumped as the door clicked open behind you, you expected Harry. But you were melted by a different pair of concerned grey eyes. Cedric. "Hi ____, you ok?" he asked softly. "Hu? Um, yeah just waiting for Harry," you replied. Why the sudden interest? His eyes lost their concern, "see you around then," he said stiffly. "bye," you said quietly, almost inaudiably. But he seemed to hear it. He smiled almost sadly at you, then carried on his way. "Cedric's not annoying you is he?" you turned to see Harry. "What? No! Don't be so damm overprotective!" you said indignantly, slapping his hand away. You grinned at each other and returned to the compartment for the remainder of your uneventful journey.
  5. You walked into the great hall, chatting and laughing with the twins. "So what d'you reckon your brothers were on about?" you asked the twins. "No idea, hey, what do you call a deer.." Fred began. "Fred, I've heard this, a no-eyed-deer, c'mon, jus behave for three seconds?" you begged as you took your place by Hermione and listened to Professor Dumbledores speech. "Welcome welcome. Now we have a very special year this year, Hogwarts will play host, to the tri-wizard tournament. This brings together three schools, from each a student will be selected, to participate in the games. This is not for the light-hearted, and contestants must be seventeen or over to enter," this was followed by a lot of booing. You rolled your eyes,"Now please welcome the Beauxbatons Academy, and their headmistress, Madame Maxime!" Dumbledore called. You attention was not on the beautiful girls dancing down the isle, but on their headmistress. The most enormas woman you'd ever seen, she would tower over Hagrid even, but she didn't look as kind as Hagrid. You shivered at the thought of getting on the wrong side of her. "And now our string friends from Durmstrang, and their headmaster, Igor Karkaroff!" Dumbledore said, as twenty or so strong, chunky boys put on a thrilling display. "Wasn't Karkaroff the guy in Askaban?" you whispered to Hermione. "Yes, isn't that Victor Krum?" she asked, seemingly taken by him. "Yeah, I think so, I didn't know he was still at school even," Ron answered for her. She blushed and you and Ron exchanged a puzzled glance. "Thank you, our prefects will show you to your rooms later, now, to enter, write your name on a piece of paper and throw it in the flame of the goblet of fire by this time Thursday night. Our new Defence Agaisnt the Dark Arts teacher is Alistor Moody. Tuck in!" Dumbledore called as the golden plates were filled with food. "Madeye Moody? Should be fun!" Ronm grunted with a mouthful of food. You and Hermione stared at him and then peeled of into helpless giggles. "Girls," George said laughing.
  6. You, Harry, Ron and Hermione left the great hall together. "Ugh, I so want to enter, over seventeen? Total rubbish!" Ron scoffed. "Hmm, I'm not complaining," Harry replied. "Neither am I, there's a reason for that you know Ron. I heard your ludicrous brothers are going to use an ageing potion," it was Hermiones turn to scoff. "Enough of that talk! Wizard chess Ron?" you asked grinning, remembering your first defeat of Ron. He grinned. "Hell yeah," he replied as you neared the door of your common room. "Flutterballs," Hermione said confidently. The portrait hole swung open and you strode in. You grabbed a set of wizard chess and set your side up with a flick of your wand. "How do you do that?" Ron grumbled as he set up his pieces, the muggle way. You smirked and the twins laughed extremely loudly. Within an hour, the majority of pieces were smashed to pieces. "Knight to D6," Ron smirked. You frowned, looking around the board wildly. Then you smirked. "Queen to D6, checkmate." Your Queen knocked over his king and brought the sword to your own king. "I win," you whispered, amused by his irritated face. "I'm going to bed!" Hermione announced. Ron nodded and followed her. "Hey ____, good win," Harry said, gently caressing your face. "I missed you Harry," you said taking his hands gently in yours. "And I you," he said. Your heartbeat raced and he leaned in to kiss you. You felt his cool, smooth lips against your own and smiled. "Goodnight, Harry," you said as he left the common room to go to bed. You followed after him, noticing that you were the last two up.
  7. That morning, you were awoken early by the familiar scratching at the window. You saw your owl, Sepia. It was from Oliver. Your heart did a sudden flip. Why? You tore open the message and read it through. 'Dear ____, Hope you're ok, you have no idea how jealous I am of you, I would have loved to participate in that tournament, just not meant to be I guess. Anyway, I should probably say that I reckon that all quidditch will be cancelled this year, sad hu? Don't do anything foolish. Oliver. You pulled out your quill quickly. Hi Oliver, Thanks for the warning, I'll ask and put up a notice or something. I bet you would! I'm fine thanks. You? Didn't get hurt at the world cup did you? Yours _____. You signed off and tied the parchment to Sepia's left leg. You stroked her head and she flew off. You glanced at your watch, it was still early but you doubted you'd be able to get back to sleep so you got up and pulled on your robes, sighing at their stiff feel after the holidays. You grabbed your bag and realised that you hadn't got a timetable yet. Bums. You thought. So much for being super prepared. You headed into the common room with a book to read for the next two hours. You jumped down the stairs, two at a time, and opened your book at the first page. But yor book was immediately forgotten by the sound that met your ears when you reached the bottom of stairs.
  8. A young girl sat in the corner crying. Her wavy, light auburn hair was mangled around her, her eyes were red and sore from crying. She was quite small for her age, and your heart ached for her. "Hey, what's wrong?" you asked, quietly and gently, placing a hand on her upper arm. She looked up at you, absolutely terrified. "Nothing," she stuttered, attempting to hide her tears. "Come on, I won't bite," you said at an attempt to lighten the mood. She shook her head frantically. "Be reasonable, you can't go down to breakfast like this, someone will ask question," you said sensibly. She looked at you doubtfully but then nodded and let you lead her out. You took her to the nearest girls bathroom. Who should you meet but Draco? Just your luck. You sighed. "Draco, do I look like I have time for this?" you asked wearily. He looked taken aback but then noticed your 'friend' and kept up his show. "I didn't ask if you had time ___ Rivers," he spat. "Oh for gods sake. Petrificus totalus!" you yelled. He froze and fell to the floor. "Don't. Mess with me Draco Malfoy," you hissed as you stalked away, removing the curse with a wave as you left.
  9. You glanced down at the girl as she clutched you hand suddenly. "What year are you in?" you asked softly when you reached the bathroom. "First," she whispered back. "Ok, whats your name? I'm ______ Rivers, I'm in the fourth year now," you said gently. (Natuhleegayle, I'm sorry, I AM taking this name from you!) "I'm Ariella," she mumbled. "Hello Ariella. Now, would you like to talk about your problem?" you asked maternally. "Um, ok," she said uncertainly, looking up to you nervously. You nodded encouragingly. "Well, my entire family has gone into Slytherin, and they've always hated me. Too good, too nice. Then I wa sput in Griffendor, and, well. My dad sent me a letter telling me that I was no daughter of his, that I would not be allowed to come home, ever. That I was an o-out-t-cast," here she broke down in tears again. "Ariella, truly, in your heart of hearts, do you want to be in Slytherine, would you be happier there?" you asked firmly. After contemplating this for a moment, she shook her head slowly. "Then it's that simple. Ariella, life isn't all about pleasing others, sometimes you have to please yourself. I think I have an idea about the no home problem. I'm going to talk to Professor Dumbledore. Will you come?" you asked quietly. "No, no, no! Don't, he'll be so angry," she began crying payer again. "Shh, Ariella. Calm down a little, I promise he won't be angry, I'll stake my reputation as class-know-it-all on it," you said smiling. She laughed shakily and took your outstretched hand.
  10. You rapped sharply on Professor Dumbledore's door. "Come in," said a calm voice, "Miss Rivers, I didn't expect you to call at this time. What can I help you with?" he smiled pleasantly. You took a deep breath and recounted the story Ariella had just told you. Dumbledore shook his head sadly, "Families. They can be very difficult, particularly," he hesitated slightly looking at Ariella, "Slytherins. Ariella, regardless of what your parents say, do you want to go back to them?" Ariella looked up at you and shook her head slowly. "Then, I'm afraid, ____, I will have to send Ariella to an orphanage," Dumbledore concluded. "No. No Professor," you stuttered, "I, I mean, that is to say, I'm sure my parents would be willing to take Ariella in." Dumbledore looked curiously to Ariella, "Would you like that Ariella?" he asked. Ariella looked up to you, and saw the kindness and gentle, maternal nature beneath the joking, class genius. "Yes sir," she whispered. "____, are you sure your parents will allow this?" Dumbledore asked, obviously trying not to get Ariella's hopes too high. "They've always wanted another daughter, an adopted daughter," you said, smiling at Ariella, "I'm pretty sure, yes." Dumbledore gave you both his x-readying gaze before saying, "well then. I'll send an owl to your parents ___, and yours Ariella. Good luck to you both." You took this as a dismissal and nodded in thanks, before taking Ariella's shoulder and leading her out. When you reached the Griffendor common room, you saw your three friends. You walked over to them quickly, almost forgetting Ariella, as she experienced her first busy Monday. "Hi ____, where've you been? Who's this?" Hermione asked, not quite having the maternal side of yourself, but not unkind in any way. So you began to relate your story.
  11. You headed down to breakfast with lots of your friends and Ariella. As you reached the table you turned and spoke to Ariella, "Go off and sit with the first years, you won't make friends if hang around with us! Off you go!" You all laughed as she bounced off, head bobbing. "Defence against the Dark arts first, fun," Ron said. "Understatement," Hermione groaned. You soon headed of to DADA. You sat down by Hermione and sucked in a breath when Professor Moody told you what you'd be studying. The unforgivable curses. "Does anyone know a curse?" Professor Moody barked. Ron told him of the imperious curse. "Another?!" he shouted, his fake eye rolling back in his head as he wrote on the board. He demonstrated the cruciatus curse on a spider. Then killed it, right in front of Neville. After class you walked up to him, concerned. "See you later," you muttered to Ron and Harry. "Neville? Are you ok?" you asked concerned. "Yeah, yeah I think so," he replied unconvincingly. "Neville..." you began. "He tortured them. My parents. For information on the order of the Phoenix. I'm proud to be their son, but, I'm not ready for everyone to know it yet," Neville blurted out. "Oh Neville," you said, reaching up to hug him. You spotted Moody coming up so you gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and left to find you friends.
  12. Hi guys! That was definitely my longest yet, my best too I think! Drop a comment! Sour outs, my contest winners, Sage Parson and NeonHedgehog. Natuhleegayle for continuing to update Let's Blame Magic on Wattpad! Keep going, keep flying the clouds! xX
  13. With regards to the future of my series, I'm hoping for another update soon. {preview} "You! I saw you Harry Potter!" you cried, tears streaming down your face. "What?!" he cried. "You and Ginny, don't think I'm ignorant. I'm not. I know!" you cried, the tears dropping onto the floor now. Why was life so complicated. "So? Why don't you go run off with Cedric Diggory? I know too! I'm not oblivious either!" he roared. You had never seen him so angry. Ooh! I'll just say that that will be a part probably just before the first challenge. The next part will be choosing champions. Then a filler, then that *points upwards* part, then the first challenge, then I'm still planning. Things will change this year. For any Cedric lovers, Cedric will NOT die. Never fear. I'm not that evil, just nearly that evil! Maww ha ha! Okay, stupid GoToQuiz wont let me link it. But if you go to google, type in Wattpad, then search for vulturemonem, it should take you to my profile. Then just click on 200 years without the Cullens. J'adore! I love you all! xXvulturemonemXx

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