Hogwarts Love Story pt 19

Ok, so here is part 19, and with it the first half of the third and final challenge. Ther will be drama, and there will be love. Can I hear an ooh please?!

Ok, so here is part 19, and with it the first half of the third and final challenge. Ther will be drama, and there will be love. Can I hear an ooh please?!

Created by: vulturemonem

  1. Just something to say to @hp4evr for their comment on Before A Hogwarts Love Story; hey there! Thanks for your comment and your support, and I'm glad you're enjoying it. I think I did say that nobody knows yet why Voldermort left 'your' house that night, but all will be revealed in future years! I know of course, I know every possible path and option for this story!
  2. I made the results quite detailed this time, for once! So I hope you like them, and make the most of it! I'm sure I'll be back to 'I have no idea what to say' by the next update. It's probably only two or three more parts for this year, including this part. I may do a summer holiday special, but I don't know... As I'm sure is the case with everyone at the moment, school and homework is the bane of my life, so I apologise for slow updates, but so far I'm doing ok! I live in England, so I have a short break towards the end of May and then my school year finishes with a longer holiday in mid-July, so for me freedom is quite a long way away! Thanks for reading, and I'll stop rambling now!
  3. For the residents of Hogwarts castle, the approach of the third challenge had dawned far too quickly. Every student, teacher and visitor had made a new friend this year (with the possible exception of Snape, who detested the foreign students) and nobody wanted to part with them. It would be the end of the best chapter yet at Hogwarts. Or it would be, if the I solved mystery of why Harry was in this was not still un-solved. It loomed above everybody like some kind of black cloud, a single damper or the otherwise great year. For the champions, the third challenge presented the most terrifying, dangerous challenge yet. The fear of the unknown was settled at the pit of their stomachs, and it wasn't going to shift any time soon. For the teachers, the third challenge would require precision and careful planning. And for the other students in the castle, fear for the champions was hugging them tightly. Everyone was nervous, and the tension in the castle was growing at a crazy pace. Every unusual judder sent a thrill of fear through the spine, made goose-bumps appear on the skin, and made the hairs of the back of the next stand on end. Any further learning was impossible, so teachers settled with recapping, although lessons consisted generally of students bombarding them with demands to know every tiny detail about the challenge. Harry was obviously scared, and it noticed. It was on show to every being in the castle, old and young, alive and dead. Each time it was mentioned, his face paled considerably, and his palms began to sweat a little. Harry had been getting warnings, his scar had been hurting regularly, and you were afraid that it had something to do with whatever Draco was so scared about.
  4. Before you knew it, you were awaking on the morning of the third challenge. The sun was streaming through the gap between the curtains and the wall, so you threw them open. There were groans from the girls in your year still asleep, and Lavender Brown threw her duvet back over her head, only to complain about the heat. Hermione stood at the wash-basin at the end of the room and was splashing water on her face, hands and wrists and neck. You followed suit, and felt considerably more optimistic for it. After dressing in your black robes, you and Hermione met Ron and Harry in the common room and headed downstairs to breakfast. Harry ate less than he had before his first quidditch match, and Ron ended up literally shoving toast at his mouth, much to the twin's amusement. "Say Ron, could you feed me too? Perhaps a little less messily though," Fred said, adding the last sentence thoughtfully. George rolled his eyes at Ron, who blushed and mumbled something incoherent. Ginny came in, shortly followed by Neville, who both wished Harry good luck. The twins told him to win it, and Ron told him to eat. You laughed at Ron's uncharacteristic persistence, and Hermione choked on her coffee. You looked quickly at your timetable, and saw that you had transfiguration and charms, but then you had to eat early and go down to the quidditch pitch in the afternoon. You waited for Harry, Ron and Neville, who also had transfiguration first, then the five of you walked silently to the classroom. You took your seat by Hermione, who was shooting Harry concerned glances. McGonnagle walked in, and told you to see if you could remember how to change an animal into a glass. You frowned, as that was a lesson from your second year, but said nothing as you grabbed a mouse from the front. Lavender let out a squeak as her mouse wriggled in her grasp, and Ron snorted. You grinned at him as you passed, and transformed your mouse easily.
  5. By the end of lessons that morning, you were bored out of your mind. You and Hermione had charms while Harry and Ron had divination, and you were practising 'Aguamenti' to cast water, which although was new to you, was an incredibly easy charm to master. It took you all of five minutes, and again, you were bored stiff for the next part of the lesson. You met up with Ron, who told you that the champions had been summoned to the quidditch pitch about half an hour before. You sighed when you realised that you hadn't been able to wish Cedric or Fleur good luck that day. Much like Harry that morning, your appetite was low, although you did manage to down three glasses of water. After you had 'eaten', you left the hall to change into more comfortable clothes. The weather was still warm, so you threw on a light pair of trousers and a short-sleeved t-shirt. You went down to the pitch in a large group. Amongst you, were Ron, Neville, the twins, Hermione and Ginny. You spotted Draco waving at you wildly, so you walked over, asking Hermione to save you a seat. "Hey Draco," you said quietly. "___," he said, urgently and scared, "Whatever happens, do not go into that maze," he said sternly. "Relax Draco, I'm a spectator. Why would I go in?" you asked, slightly amused. "I can't tell you, but promise me," he said, rocking backwards on his heels. "I doubt I will, I highly count I will, but I'm making no promises today Draco," you said, ignoring Pansy as she walked up to you, glaring. Draco sighed, but didn't push it. Instead, he wrapped you in a hug, and kissed the top of your head with brotherly affection. "Whatever happens, whatever you hear, I'm still the same Draco Malfoy that doesn't want to be his father," he murmured, looking you in the eye. "Of course you are, unless you kill somebody or something," you said jokingly. "Not today," he said, smiling a little. Pansy coughed pointedly, but both of you ignored her. "I wish I could have friends in Griffendor. I wish I could see you over the summer," he sighed. "You can, I'll invite you over," you suggested. "I'm pretty much housebound," he said, regretfully. "What about meeting in Diagon Alley for a drink? We'd run into each other, of course," you said, your eyes glinting mischievously. "Now that sounds like a plan," he said appreciatively. "Iol send you an owl," you said, happy to be able to solve one of his problems, at least.
  6. He smiled at you, and the two of you walked down to the grounds together, still ignoring Pansy's demands and shouts. For all the response she was getting, she could have been talking to two brick walls. Draco bid you goodbye as you parted to sit with your friends. Hermione had bagged you a seat inbetween her and Ron, and you sat down, thanking her. "You really trust him don't you?" Ron asked quietly. "Draco? Yeah, I do. He's a double figure," you said, thinking of the classic Slytherin exterior, and the scared, friendly, caring boy inside. "Maybe he's not so bad," Hermione said, thoughtfully, "I don't think he's insulted me all year." You smiled at the two of them as they saw a snippet of the Draco you liked, and cared for. The three of you sat silently, as you swum around in your own thoughts. After what seemed like only a few minutes, champions and their parents were walking out of the dressing room, and onto the grass before Dumbledore. Harry walked out with Mr.Weasley, looking rather more vulnerable and considerably smaller than the other three champions. Dumbledore magnified his voice with his wand, then announced, "For the third, and final challenge, our champions must enter the maze, and reach the tri-wizard cup, which resides at he centre of the maze. Throughout the maze, you will encounter dark magic, wild creatures, and other barriers between you and victory. As Mr.Diggory and Mr.Potter are tied for first place, they will be the first to enter the maze," he said, and you looked to the Slytherins, who all wore a green badge that flickered between 'Cedric Rocks' and 'Potter Stinks', "Followed by Mr.Krum, and Miss Delacour. If any champion wishes to retire from this challenge, you need only send up red sparks with your wand, and stay put. To your positions!" he called.
  7. From your position in the stands, you saw Cedric shoot Harry a nervous smile, and Harry returned with a terrified glance. Cedric turned around, and his eyes raked over the people until he found you. You smiled reassuringly, and mouthed a 'good luck' to him. He ran a hand through his hair, and gave you the same smile he'd given Harry. He horn sounded, and the two took off int the maze. Harry turned around, looking directly at you in fright, before the maze swallowed him up, blocking your view. There was silence in the stands, and your heart thudded like a hummingbird against your chest. Fleur and Krum took their positions, and the horn sounded again. Krum looked to Hermione, and Fleur to Gabriella. Krum's glance was a grimace, and Fleur's looked like it was supposed to be a reassuring grin, but she seemed to nervous to console her little sister, who sat in her mother's lap, her little face paled, and eyes wide. The hen blared again, and again, Fleur and Krum entered the maze. After a few seconds, those paths too were swallowed up by the maze. There was a deafening silence in the audience, before the rumble of chatter started up. You exchanged a glance with Draco, who looked worriedly expectant. He gulped nervously, and you smiled a little. You heard a roar and a shout from deep within the maze, and you flinched, wanting desperately to know what was going on. After a few more minutes, a shower of red sparks shot up into the air. You heart galloped away as you wondered who was stopping.
  8. There was a moment of uncertainty between the teachers, before Moody and McGonnagle headed into the maze, wands drawn professionally. You waited with baited breath to see who had been forced to stop, because you doubted that any of the champions would stop unless they had too. It was mere seconds later that another jet of red sparks could been seen above the maze. This time, however, it was Snape who ventured into the maze. He looked distinctly unnerved, as was Karkaroff, who was jumping from foot to foot. Moody and McGonnagle returned with an unconscious Fleur levitated before them, Snape trailing after with Krum, who was also unconscious. Karkaroff let out a hiss, and began shouting in Bulgarian. You heard a startled cry from the stands, and turned to see Gabriella, tears streaming down her face. Her mother, who looked amazingly like Fleur, was consolling her gently. You turned back to the two champions, and studied the professors faces carefully. You didn't like what you saw. It was clear that whatever had happened in their shouldn't have, and your heart rate promptly double in speed. Dumbledore was talking quietly and quickly with Crouch and McGonnagle, who both looked concerned. Moody butted in, and their faces relaxed a little, but you saw a flicker of something cross Snape's face. He knew something, you were sure of it. You were also said that whatever Moody said hadn't been true. Snape glanced up at the spectators, and you saw another flash of fear cross his face. Hermione was watching Snaoe like a hawk, and the two of you exchanged a worried glance. "Something's gone wrong," you said. "And whatever Moody said wasn't true," Hermione added, in barely a whisper. "Snape knows it too," Ron said. You stared at him, surprised that he was being so observant. "What? I can be observant when I want to be, and it was clear something was wrong. Who has ever been more suspicious than Snape?" he asked defensively. Although his reasoning wasn't the same as your own, you appreciated that he was paying attention nonetheless.
  9. All of a sudden, you felt ridiculously protective and angry. Whoever put Harry's name in that cup would die, and whoever messed up this challenge would pay. You had a sneaky suspicion it was the same person, or at least the same person behind the actions. Hermione and Ron exchanged a glance, and a silent nod. You knew what they were thinking, and it was on a par with yours. You glanced up at Draco who was watching you nervously. You stood up, and Ron and Hermione barely a second later. Draco ran down to you, and took your shoulders, his face pleading and his eyes wild. "Don't," he choked, "Please don't." "I have to Draco," you said softly. "No you don't!" he insisted, but he wasn't changing your decision. "Yes, I do. Snape won't speak up, so they'll die. I owe them Draco, and I care for them," you said, desperately trying to get through to him. He could be so narrow-minded at times, but then again, he was just trying to protect you. "Would you do it for anyone?" he asked skeptically. "Anyone that I care for Draco. Including you. I promise I'll make it out alive," you said. "Good luck then, and look after yourself." You smiled at him. "Thank you. I will Draco," you said softly, kissing his cheek briefly. He watched you go sorrowfully, but you didn't let that deter you. You nipped round the edge of the maze, and Hermione looked for an entrance. She pointed her wand at the bush, and forced a gap in it. The three of you barely got through before it closed. "How do we find them?" Ron asked nervously. "Listen," you advised. "What?" Hermione asked. "Think about it," you insisted, "If you were fighting deadly monsters and moving hedges, you would be silent about it," you said. The three of you fell silent as your logic planted itself in their brains, and you listened carefully for any sound. You heard a faint roar in the distance, then a shout. "This way!" the three of you yelled at exactly the same time, taking off to your left. You veered right, hearing a similar shout, and then stopped as you lost it, coming to another junction.
  10. Faintly, you heard a strange whoosh of wind, and lots of shouts. The three of you took off straight ahead without the need for discussion. The shouts were more consistent now, and that worried you. However, as you got nearer you realised that it was Cedric and Harry shouting to each other. "You saved me take it!" Cedric was insisting. "Together," Harry said. "One, two, three!" they said together, just as you rounded the corner. It was only a split second, but you clearly saw the both of them grab a handle each of the tri-wizard cup. In that second, relief began to flood through you as your brain told you it was over. But that was diminished when they disappeared. You stared wildly at the stand that the cup had rested on, and looked at our friends. Hermione looked as puzzled as you felt, but Ron was watching the spot calculatingly. "Portkey. The cup was a portkey," he said. "It shouldn't be," Hermione stated the obvious. "Great, they could be anywhere," you said, throwing your hands into the air. "I don't think so," Ron said slowly. You turned to look at him. "Ridicule me for the rest of my life if you like, but I was reading something Hermione put down, and it said something about being able to track where portkeys went," he said, looking to Hermione. "Of course!" she said, "That's it. I've never done it, but I can try," she said, looking at you for confirmation. You nodded quickly, and she pointed her wand at the marble stand. A low blue light surrounded the area, and a whirl of wind began inside the blue cylinder. Hermione glanced at you and Ron, and nodded, walking forwards slowly. She stepped gingerly into the blue, which now resembled thick fog, and you and Ron followed her. The wind picked up, and goose-bumps were raised on your skin. Then you were gone.
  11. Thanks for reading, but I have to go now. Quick shout out to hp4evr and music826. Oh! And please enter my character contest, which is linked by my username in this quiz! thanks! xXvulturemonemXx

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