Hogwarts Love Story pt 15 {Yule Ball}

So here is part 15, the Yule Ball special. In celebration, Oliver WILL BE A RESULT. Oliver fan alert! Drop a comment guys, and keep reading! I savour comments!

So here is part 15, the Yule Ball special. In celebration, Oliver WILL BE A RESULT. Oliver fan alert! Drop a comment guys, and keep reading! I savour comments!

Created by: vulturemonem of Wattpad-vulturemonem
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  1. @music826 Thanks, and yes, you were correct! Well guessed. @liz_king97 Sorry. *smiles sheepishly* I've been busy, and I'm a bit obsessed with the stuff I'm writing on Wattpad. I tried to put a link to my account there in the 'my site' thing by my username, but I've no idea if it worked. Guess I'll find out when I publish the quiz! Lol!
  2. "Come on Hermione!" Ginny whined, tugging relentlessly at her hand. It was exactly three hours before the Yule Ball, and the tension in the castle was almost tangible. The three of you had agreed to meet Fleur in the Griffendor girls dormitory now, and Hermione wasn't exactly looking forward to getting ready. The ball itself was a different matter. Ginny and Fleur, on the other hand, couldn't wait for either. Harry had got a date with Pavarti, but Hermione had heard him complaining about girls with Ron one evening. You, yourself? Playing Barbie could wait, but you were even more excited than Fleur and Ginny for the actual thing, it was your chance with Cedric. "Oh fine! I'm coming!" Hermione said, exasperated. You exchanged a glance with her, and saw your own expression reflected in her face. Playing dress-up was not top of her list of priorities either, but Fleur had insisted, and who were you to argue with the French? Fleur had, actually, been very helpful. She managed to find you a beautiful, long blue dress. It was one shouldered, and the shoulder was quite long. It clung to your body, then flowed down to your ankles. You waited, amused, as Fleur worked wonders with Hermione's hair, and tamed it into a silky sheen. At her request, Fleur pinned Hermione's hair up, but left the ends lose. After helping her into her dress, Fleur deemed Hermione perfect, after a touch of make-up here and there. You gasped as Hermione turned to you. "You look beautiful you know," you said, taking in her pink and purple dress in envy. She smiled sheepishly, and assisted Ginny with the ties on her dress. Fleur grinned evilly at you, and you sat down in front of the mirror she was using. "Go to your happy place," Ginny advised. You closed your eyes, and thought about Harry. Why was he chosen for this? It didn't make any sense at all, who would do it? Why? Your thoughts were interrupted by Fleur. "There! Fantastique!" she said. You opened your eyes, and looked in the mirror. Above the jeans and t-shirt, your hair was brushed, and twirled into a half-bun, with the very front left completely lose, framing your cheeks prettily. You thanked Fleur profusely, but she waved you off, pulling Ginny into the chair. You slipped into the bathroom and changed into your dress. There was a knock on the door. "Need any help?" Hermione asked. "I'm ok thanks!" you called back, fastening the catch at the top, and unlocking the door again. Fleur stood in the middle of the room, her hair free and flowing down her backs in glossy waves. She wore a silvery-blue dress, and held a similarly coloured wrap over one arm. She smiled. "Ve look perfect!" she stated. You laughed at her words, accompanied by her accent, and then slipped on your shoes.
  3. The four of you walked quietly down the stone stairs, your heels tapping slightly. You had no idea how Fleur planned to dance, her silver stilettos didn't seem to be the best. Then again, she was probably a little more co-ordinated than you, who struggled to wear heels at the best of times. You had ended up with a pair of three-inch heels, which you figured you could manage. Dancing wasn't so difficult, for you at least. You entered the hall, and gasped at the sight. The four house tables had been pushed against the sides, and the hall had been set to a wintry, snowy theme. Benches sat around trees, snow falling from the ceiling. You remembered walking in front of Hermione when you'd first come here for sorting, and had heard her telling the girl by her that the ceiling wasn't real. You glanced across at her now, and thought how much more likeable she was now than then. The orchestra sat behind where the staff table usually was, and the equipment for a band was left at one side, presumably for later on in the night. The four of us looked into the hall in awe, watching as teachers and house elves rushed about adding last minute touches, shooing away any student that attempted to enter into the temporary ballroom. You tore your eyes away from the beautiful room and looked around for Cedric. Harry and Ron stood with Padma and Pavarti, watching the four of you walk down. Harry and Ginny exchanged a glance of regret, and then turned away, embarrassed. "Ginny!" called a voice. Ginny spotted Neville just before I did, and walked over, momentarily forgetting Harry. Fleur was already twirling over to her date, whom I couldn't recognise from the distance. Krum came from behind me, and stomped over to Hermione. I exchanged a disgusted glance with Ron when he kissed her hand, and then lead her off, all traditional and grumpy. Well, he appeared grumpy. Ron rolled his eyes, and I walked over to them, unable to spot Cedrci in the dense crowd.
  4. "You look nice ___," said a voice behind you. "Hey Oliver. You made it Alicia!" you said, seeing Alicia hanging onto Oliver's left arm. They grinned at each other, and nodded. "So you dance hu?" Oliver asked. You blushed under his intense gaze, and nodded, feeling suddenly light-headed. He chuckled and lead Alicia off. Someone tapped your shoulder, and you saw Draco, with Pansy clutching onto him for dear life. Harry and Ron tensed, but you laughed at them, feeling slightly sympathetic. "Good luck with tonight Draco," you laughed, patting the arm that Pansy wasn't running her manicured nails over. He smiled painfully, and you sighed. "You look great ___," he said, envy clear in his voice. You smiled sadly. "Thanks. Have a good night," you said. He walked off, glancing over at you every now and then. You waved at Neville and Ginny, who grinned, and waved back. Both of them looked happy, and you were glad Ginny wasn't regretting going with Neville in the end. "Hey guys!" said two voices in unison. You smiled at the twins. Both had an arm wrapped around a girl about their age. You smiled at Angelina, who was on the quidditch team, and then at the other girl, who you didn't recognise. "Wow. ____. Um, nice dress," Fred complimented, gulping. George squeezed Angelina and nodded his agreement. "They're all right," Harry said, "You look amazing." You blushed at the comliments you were recieving. You looked away, only to be met by Ron's eyes. You felt suddenly claustrophobic, and stepped back a little. A cool hand rested on your shoulder, and you tensed again, waiting for the onslaught of another round of unwanted flattery, when the owner of the hand chuckled. "I'm not here to murder you," it said. You spun round, relieved. "Cedric!" You smiled and he laughed again. "You almost seem happy to see me," he teased gently. You slapped his arm gently. "Why wouldn't I be?" you asked, grinning at him. He rolled his eyes, but what he said next was drowned out by McGonnagle, announcing that champions and their partners should prepare to enter the hall. You took a deep breath, and waved to your friends, letting Cedric lead you into a line before the now-closed doors of the Great Hall. "I suppose I should have asked before. Can you dance?" Cedric asked in a low voice. "Averagely," you replied in a hushed whisper. He grinned. You spotted Harry walk up behind you through your peripherals, and Fleur was at the front. You saw Krum and Hermione exchanging glances at the front, and had to control your annoyance. But you were determined not to let anything ruin this night. The music started.
  5. As the music started, your grasp on Cedric's arm tightened. He led you calmly into the hall, and you gulped nervously, well-aware of everyone's eyes on you as they filled into the hall. You heard three taps, then the orchestra began with a classic waltz tune. Cedric bowed, and you curtsied, thanking your lucky stars that you wore your own shoes, and declined the shoes Fleur had offered you. Cedric took your hand, and you placed your hand on his shoulder. Slowly, Cedric began to lead you in the dance, waltzing and turning around the floor with remarkable grace and style. All previous nerves had vanished the second you moved with him, and you were only vaguely aware of the couples joing you on the floor. From the corner of your eye, you saw Hermione and Krum, then Oliver and Katie. Both couples were entranced and happy with their other, much like yourself. You also saw Ron and Padma, Draco and Pansy and Harry and Pavarti, none of who looked particularly happy. You pushed away the thoughts of everyone and everything else, and focused on the boys turning you round. You smiled and felt yourself getting lost in his eyes. He smiled back down at you, and stared at you. You became self-conscious, and blushed, but felt unable to look away from him. "You enjoying it?" he asked quietly. You nodded. "Thank you," you said sincerely. He smiled again, and switched his hands suddenly to your waist, lifting you up and twirling through three hundred and sixty degrees, before putting you back down. The cloaks of the Durmstrangs around you spun out in a sea of red as they too, twirled their dates. A moment later, the floor was packed with students and teachers alike, and you swore you spotted Dumbledore and McGonnagle somewhere, together, in the mass of students. The music changed, and a new, more up-tempo waltz began. A few couples left the floor, Harry and Ron among them, but you wanted nothing more than to stay in Cedric's arms forever. He smiled a dazzling, handsome smile as he lifted and spun you again, and you couldn't stop the giggle that rose up your throat. He watched you, amused. Suddenly, he pulled you gently to the side, interrupting the flow of your dance, before apologising and picking back up. "Sorry ____. The Durmstrangs don't seem to be particularly in-control when it comes to dancing," he said, grimacing. You laughed, happier than you'd been the entire year.
  6. The dance floor began to empty further, couples becoming tired, teachers giving up, and younger students going to bed. Suddenly, without warning, the fast waltz turned into a rock tune, played by the band. Cedric and yourself and been twirling quickly, one hand on each other's waist as you spun, and then you were back in the classic position, although not nearly so neatly. Cedric rocked you one way, then the other, and you felt yourself becoming giddy. He twirled you around, then continued as he had been before. You lost track of time, and, before you knew it, the orchestra was back, playing a slow tune. "Why don't we get drinks? We'll come back later?" Cedric suggested. You nodded at him, and let him lead you off the dance floor to where Ron, Hermione and Harry sat. "I'll be back in a minute," Cedric promised. You smiled and walked up to the golden-trio. "He's using you!" Ron was saying. "He is not!" Hermione retorted. "He is Hermione. He's just using your brains for the tornament!" Hermione stared at Ron, flabberghasted. "What's got Ron's wand in a knot?" you asked Harry. He looked up at you and rolled his eyes. "Jealous of Krum." You nodded. "I figured as much. D'you think Hermione will ever believe me when I tell her a guy has hots for her?" Harry shook his head and I laughed. Hermione stormed off, and Ron followed. Unable to stop myself, I followed them with my eyes. "WHY DO YOU HAVE TO RUIN EVERYTHING?!" Hermione screamed, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Maybe if you didn't go with Krum I wouldn't have a problem," Ron said, "C'mon Harry." I hadn't noticed Harry and myself drifting towards them. The two friends walked up the stairs, clearly retiring for the night, so I took my chance to speak to Hermione. "Hey," I said quietly. She was sitting on the steps, crying quietly. I put my arm around her shoulders and let her cry. After a couple of minutes, I called out to Cedric, who was carrying two butterbeers. "Over here Cedric!" I called softly. He spotted me, and came over, frowning as he took in Hermione. "Thanks," I said as he handed me the drink. "You're welcome." I took a sip, the put it on the step next to me and spoke to Hermione. "Hermione? You know why Ron's being like this right?" I asked. She shook her head. "Because he likes you," Cedric said. Hermione looked up to Cedric and took in his kind, concerned face. "It's true," I said, nodding. Hermione gave us a water smile. "Thanks ____, Cedric. Best friend I could ever ask for ___," she said. I hugged her and told her to go find Victor. I still disapproved of their relationship, but I was prepared to wait. She knew about Ron now. "She's almost as popular as you are," Cedric said, grinning as he led me to a bench that over-looked the dancefloor. "Ugh. Don't Cedric," I said. We grinned at each other as we drank in momentary silence. It was Cedric who broke it. "Did I ever tell you, you look beautiful?" Cedric asked. I shook my head, blushing. "Thank Fleur, she found the dress and did my hair. She's a genius," I mumbled. Cedric shook his head. "I didn't say you look beautiful tonight, although you do. But you always look pretty ___," he said. If possible, I blushed a deeper crimson.
  7. "Do you mind Cedric?" Oliver asked, coming up. Cedric shook his head, smiling at me, and I was soon whisked onto my feet by Oliver. Katie laughed at us from her seat on the bench as Oliver twirled me round. he definitely had two left feet. "Enjoying it?" I asked, raising and eyebrow. "Yup," he said, popping the p, "You?" "Never better," I said honestly. He grinned, and continued twirling me, badly, for the rest of the song. Suddenly, I was back in confident, competent arms. I smiled up at Cedric, who twirled me expertly into another pair of arms. These were hot and sticky, and better than Oliver, though not so good as Cedric. "Draco!" I said surprised. He said nothing, but lead me off the dance floor to the courtyard. I shivered against the cold, and frowned. "Hey! Calm down ___! Your boyfriend agreed to this," he said defensively. I sighed and wrapped my arms around myself. "Look, please let me speak, and don't interrupt," he begged, so I nodded, "Ok. Well, I know you don't like my original offer, but how about you just sit out the last challenge? You won't see anything anyway. Please, it would be so much safer!" he said, seeing my expression. I sighed and shook my head. "No Draco. I appreciate your concern, but what can be so bad?" I asked. "You have no idea," he whispered. I shook my head sadly again. "I'm sorry," I whispered, heading back into the hall. What on earth was this potentially fatal danger that Draco was so worried about? You were snapped out of your trance by Fred. "Hey ____, George is with Angelina, and Julianna disappeared. Fancy a dance?" he asked. I nodded, smiling awkwardly. This could be interesting, you thought. To your surprise, Fred was a nimble dancer, who had you round the floor with relative ease, though he didn't do the lift where most other couples did. After a while, you saw Cedric come over. He tapped Fred on the shoulder. "Can I have my date back?" he asked, grinning. Fred grinned back, and handed me back with a flamboyant bow. Cedric and I laughed, then twirled around the dance floor again. It was practically empty, save for Ginny and Neville and a few couples from the older years. I also saw Storm and Arianna still dancing slowly.
  8. The grandfather clock at the end of the hall chimed twelve times, and I smiled at Cedric, lost in his eyes again. "Merry Christmas ___," he said, and stopped twirling for a moment. He pulled something out of his pocket, and handed me a necklace with a fine, golden chain. I gasped, and studied the pendant, a small, nicely cut diamond that reflected the light, catching it here and there, throwing rainbows everywhere. Cedric smiled, and clasped it behind my neck. It rested perfectly on my neck, and I looked up to Cedric, awed. "You shouldn't have Cedric. Thank you so much," I whispered, "I don't have anything to give you in return though," I said, blushing. I wished I'd thought of something. "No need ____, this night was gift enough," he said, smiling. I sighed, lost in his gaze once again. "You have no idea how much I cherish tonight," I said. "Oh I think I do," he replied, deadly serious. The music changed again, to a slow, gentle piece. Cedric took my hand and waist again. I guffawed when I stopped Madame Maxime and Hagrid, and pointed them out to Cedric. He threw his head back and laughed. Yet again, I was entranced by his intense, gentle gaze. The music ended, but didn't pick up again in a new piece. I was vaguely aware of couples leaving, and murmured, "I think the night's over." Cedric smiled at me, and pulled me out of the hall and out to the courtyard, where other couples were sitting, though they resided closer to the warmth of inside. A thin layer of snow covered the ground, and I shivered, the cold raising goosebumps on my arms. Cedric slipped off his jacket and slung it round my shoulders. "Thanks," I said, my body heating up from the still-warm jacket.
  9. The two of you sat, just talking for hours. When You looked up again, Cedric and yourself were the only couple left in the courtyard. You sniffled a yawn and Cedric laughed quietly. "Shall we call it a night?" he asked. You nodded, regretfully, but took comfort in the fact that you'd made the most of tonight. Cedric stood up, offering you his hand. You took it and you walked back hand-in-hand. Aside from a few stragglers and couples exchanging their last kisses, the corridors were pretty much deserted as you walked back thought the castle to the Griffendor tower. "Thank you Cedric. For everything, but especially tonight," you whispered when you reached the portrait hole. "You're very welcome ___. And thank you. That was a night I'll never forget," he replied. You knew what you wanted to do now, and Cedric looked like he did too. He shifted slightly, and placed one hand in the small of your back, and one gently on your waist. You put one hand on each of his shoulders, and you both leant in. Cedric pressed his lips gently to yours, and fireworks erupted inside you. He pulled his lips away, and then pressed them to yours once again, in the same way. Then he pulled away completely, and smiled. You smiled right back. "Goodnight ____," he said gently. "Goodnight Cedric," you replied in a whisper. With that, he walked back the way he'd come, to the Hufflepufff tower. You spoke the password 'Christmas Ball' and headed straight to the girls dormitory. Hermione was waiting on her bed, awake, although she'd undressed and changed onto pyjamas. "You were gone ages!" she whispered, trying not to wake the girls around you, "do tell." You laughed quietly, then, as you undressed, began to tell her about the night, from your first dance, to the kiss you'd shared just outside the common room. "Victor was such a sweety!" she squealed, "The first dance was much the same as yours," she began, then went on, talking about her night. "We didn't kiss like that though. Victor just did his usual kiss my knuckles. Ugh," she said. You smiled at her, then folded your dress carefully and put it in your truck. You pulled on you pyjamas quickly, and laid down in bed. "Night Hermione," you yawned. "Night ___," she replied sleepily. You found you were very tired, and so you spelt almost immediately.
  10. That night, you dreamt of nothing but the blissful night you had shared with Cedric. In your dream, you saw the necklace he gave you several times, and even in your dreams, you became lost in his magical gaze. His green eyes pierced right through yours. Then you saw Draco again, and everything he told you. Sub-consciously, you wondered what could be so dangerous yet again. What was his problem? What could be so dangerous? Your dream switched promptly back to Cedric, and by the time you awoke, you remembered nothing of your dream. You remembered nothing of the menacing cackle you heard just before you woke up...
  11. Ok! How was it? I was quite pleased with it, so please, if needs be, burst my bubble and tell me exactly what was wrong with it! Thanks for the comments on part 14, and sorry for the wait once again. Drop a comment guys! Life is a candle! vulturemonem xX

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