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Hey guys it's the Yule Ball! Remember the dress you're wearing is the picture of the previous quiz! This is part 18 but I couldn't fit it all in so the next part will be part 19 ok! Cool!

Ok this goes from year 3 to 8 because 1 and 2 is to young to date. Or get the same material I do. Don't forget to hit submit so I know how many lovely people take my quiz! Also don't forget to Comment & Rate 10! I love you all so much. (as a friend) Thanks so much. And here it is...

Created by: Bluebird

  1. Hey guys! Ok so this is the Yule Ball! I hope you like it! I've been waiting to do this for a long time so I hope it turns out alright! For me year 4 is the most exciting and I want to portray it just right!
  2. *Recap* You went and bought a dress at Hogsmeade with your friends and shoes as well. You found out who everyone was going with, you fixed a lot of bridges and found out finally why Cedric ignored you so much. Comprende?
  3. *Soundtrack notice* Hey guys there is a soundtrack! So for question 7 the link is /watch?v=K00RL-blzYU or Turn all the lights on by T-Pain feat. Ne-Yo if the link doesn't work. For question 8 the link is /watch?v=hK4W8WGQ6SY or Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift feat. Civil Wars if the link doesn't work. For question 9 the link is /watch?v=sajzGjN-S6Q or Why Don't You Love Me by Hot Chelle Rae feat. Demi Lovato if the link doesn't work. For question 10 the link is /watch?v=6dc3kQhzww8 or Shut Up & Kiss Me by Reece Mastin if the link doesn't work. For question 11 the link is /watch?v=9UYMKcJBitc or Shout It Out by Reece Mastin if the link doesn't work. And last but not least for question 12 the link is /watch?v=Ir2Sg_8hC3w or Innocence by Avril Lavigne if the link doesn't work. Hope you enjoy it!
  4. I opened my eyes after my little nap and stretched my arms out with a yawn. Today was the Yule Ball and my friends hadn't let me forget it. There was only about an hour before it and I hadn't even started preparation. I leaped to my closet as Fleur entered the room. She had a distressed look on her face and looked worriedly at me. "What time iz it?" She asked in a mad rush to the closet. "About an hour before it starts." "But ze champions 'ave to be there early!" I'd forgotten about that. "Zen we better 'urry." I said back to her. "Let'z turn some muzic on first. It makes me work faster." She said while calming down a little bit. "Sure." I said to her and she walked over to my portable radio. She kept on changing the radio channel until she found something she liked.
  5. "Really zis song?" "It'z a good song!" She replied happily. "Now to get to work!" She was clapping her hands delightedly. She started pulling our dresses and makeup out while swaying her hips to he music. Even I had to admit it was a good song. I caught my dress when she tossed it and put it on. "Beautiful." she said and put hers on. "Exquisite." I said in a posh voice to her and we both laughed. She started twirling around and dancing to the bet and surprisingly, so did I. I put on my black ballet flats and started putting on my makeup. It seemed like they were playing the song over and over again but we didn't really mind. Minutes had flown by and I couldn't find my straightener. "You're not going with straight hair ______." Fleur said disapprovingly. "Sit down." She said as she tied her hair in an elegant bun. She came over and sat me down before I could say anything and she told me to close my eyes. She was still swaying to the music and before I knew it she told me to open my eyes again. I had some pretty wicked beach waves. "Nice." I said admiring them. "Of course they're nice. I did zem." She said to me and we laughed. She was already done and was now just dancing around the room. I still had accessories to put on but I could do that later. Then my other friends came into the room. Some in their dresses and some not yet. Most were a yes. Some were in the same room as me and Fleur and rushed to put theirs on. "Why do you guys have music on?" Hermione asked. "Because we're cool like that!" I said like I said that every day. Then they randomly just started dancing. "I wonder if they're going to put on any of these songs at the Ball or if it's just gonna be the goldy oldy songs?" Ginny said. "I guess we'll just have to find out." *Matt* Luke had turned the radio on for some reason and was swaying to the music. I was looking in the mirror. Fixing my outfit. "You're acting like such a girl. Don't worry I'm sure the night will be great." Luke said with his usual chuckle. He was already ready and he was going with Trinity Fellows. She was stuck up and from ______'s school. I didn't really like her as you may have noticed. I wondered what ______ was doing now. "Dude seriously, if you don't snap out of it I'm gonna have to pour a bucket of cold water on you and ruin your outfit." I turn away from the mirror and towards him. "You don't know how much pressure I feel I'm under tonight." I said to him and he tilted his head sideways and smiled. His hair was falling into his eyes. "Dude I went out with her last summer and took her to heaps of parties. I know what pressure you're under." He turned to face away from me as a frown replaced his smile. He adjusted his robes and smiled again when he faced me. "Let's go." He said to me.
  6. *You* Everyone wanted to go to get there on time and I told them I'd meet them there. I turned off the radio and opened my special jewelry box that Pedro had given me for Christmas once, even though we promised each other no presents. I opened it and took out my mother's hair clip. I slipped it into my waves and riffled through the rest of my jewelry. I laid it all out on the dresser and tried to find something to match my ensemble. I caught a shining silver glow from the right and I turned to look at it. I didn't know how it got there but it was the charm bracelet Fred had gotten me... I didn't know what to think. I thought I put it in the fountain. I shut my eyes and opened them again and saw that it was still there. I picked it up and saw that the power was gone. But it was still beautiful. I slipped it on and then looked for something else. My father had given me a tiara in the summer and it stood out to me. It was small and silver and had a few patterns of snow flakes on it. I put it into my hair making sure it didn't obscure the hair clip and looked for a pair of earrings and a necklace. I decided on a pair of silver, genuine crystal earrings in the shape of snowflakes that my friend Delilah had given me as a goodbye present. It cost her a lot but she said it was worth it so i had something to remind me of her. I wanted to return the favour but I hadn't seen her since. I sighed as I put them on. Then I instantly reached for a necklace that had a story behind it. But i didn't know most of it. It had appeared on my pillow the night my first step dad disappeared. I didn't really like him even though he was really the only father I had. Other than my real one who I've known for a few months. I'd assumed it was a present from him and it had given me luck. It was a yellow, gold women's diamond heart pendant necklace, I had found out from the internet. It was gold but half of the heart was a sparkling silver crystal, the heart had a hole in the middle of the heart so it was an outline and then it had butterflies going up the gold side. Just two though. they were mad of the sparkling silver crystal and their middles were gold. It was a beautiful necklace.
  7. I put it on and went through the corridors to the Great Hall. I saw that everyone was already there and basically waiting for my arrival. I peeked quickly and quietly around the corner and saw everyone talking and all of them were with there dates. The champions and there dates were all there. All but me. I shyly stepped out into the light and gained more confidence as I descended each step. I spied Matt watching in awe as I walked down the staircase one step at a time. Everyone was looking and I saw Luke with Trinity Fellows. Oh well... tonight was a night to enjoy. I reached Matt and he bowed to me and kissed my hand gently on top. He looped his arm with mine and led me down the rest of the steps. "Are you ready Ms. ______ and Mr. Henderson?" "Yes professor." We both said. Matt looked at me as we strode over to stand in front of the open hall doors. We walked down the pathway with the other champions. The hall was beautiful. When we reached the dancing space we got into waltz positions as the music started. We danced and danced and I could hardly see anyone else in the room as Matt twirled me around in the air. Then others started to join the dance but we kept on dancing. The music didn't change, didn't waver, it was magical. I finally looked over at some of the others and saw the twins waltzing with their partners. There were a few complaints about steeping on toes but their dancing was better. I giggled a little bit. Harry had gone off and he and Ron were sitting at the tables with their dates. Matt and I finally broke up as another girl asked him for a dance. I walked over to the pathetic figures of Harry and Ron and held out my hands. "C'mon you two. You look so bored." They quickly exchanged a look and then took both my hands. They didn't even notice their dates protesting, mostly because they weren't. I pulled them out onto the dance floor and started pulling out some wicked dance moves. Well actually they weren't all that good; I made a fool of myself. Not because I'm a horrible dancer but because I wanted them to laugh and have fun. They weren't the only ones who were laughing; a lot of people were looking at me from across the room as I started laughing. Ron and Harry finally joined in and we just rocked out to the beat. "You don't dance that bad." Someone said behind me and I turned while swaying my hips. "Hey boys." I said as I saw the two red heads standing in front of me. "Come with us and we'll show everyone how to really dance!"
  8. The twins were better at another style of dancing. Hip hop non surprisingly. Bit of break dancing too. They pulled me out to the middle of the dance floor while everyone made a path. The middle of the dance floor was a huge circle with people surrounding it. In there also was Draco, Blaise and... Pedro? Oh well this just made me more competitive. "Dance battle!" Someone shouted out. "I can't dance battle in a dress." I whispered to the twins. "Unless we're waltzing..." "Doesn't Beauxbatons teach you that changing clothes thing." "True but what about my hair?" "You'll be wearing a cap." "Hat hair!" "Magic _____, magic!" "Fine." I muttered the spell and entered into my dance clothes. This isn't the first time I've been in a dance battle. I had on jeans and a black t-shirt. Also some slip on shoes and my personalized hoodie, '______ was here.' I saw Draco staring at it and I winked at him. He didn't flick away from my gaze but plastered a smirk on his face that read bring it on. Wait till he saw what I got planned. "I don't think a girls going to be much help!" Said Blaise tauntingly. "Especially since she's my sister. Did you see her dancing before?" "Be prepared boys." I said as we went to the center and shook hands. I put a cap on my head and got ready to start. i have to admit we pulled out some pretty awesome dance moves. We jumped to the left and to the right and then rolled on the floor and jumped back up again. We skidded on the floor as we swiped our legs in front of us as we went up again. We turned our head to the sides with our hands on lour hearts and I winked at the other team. Everyone stood in amazement at our performance and the other team started to join in the dance as we finished. Our finishing pose was Fred and George back to back with their arms crossed and me doing a b boy back spin and then finishing in a hang glide freeze. I stayed like that until the others were finished theirs. though it wasn't as nearly as good, well that's what i thought anyway. We had another round but it was obvious we won. At the end the guys hugged and clapped the other guys back so I did the same. "Well done little sis." Pedro said while ruffling my hair. "The hair!" I yelled at him while changing back into my dress and fixing it. I saw Oliver had joined the crowd. he was in his Puddlemere uniform, probably had just come back from practice.
  9. I rushed over to him and hugged him. "Nice to see you too _____." He said while hugging me back. "I didn't think you were gonna come tonight with practice and everything." I said while stepping back. "Practice finished up early today." "Good." I said while towing him onto the dance floor. "May I have this dance?" I asked sweetly. "Of course." He said while laughing. We started dancing. I moved his arms towards me and he moved my hands towards him in a sort of rhythm. I saw Cedric dancing with Cho a little while away and saw him looking at me. I smiled at him and he looked away from me. Someone tugged me away from Oliver and started dancing. "I hope you don't mind Wood." Said Draco as he revealed his face. "Not at all." Oliver mumbled. It was obvious he cared but Draco pulled me further into the crowd. "What was that for?" I asked him. "I wanted a dance with you and away from Pansy. And I'm not particularly a Wood fan like some people." He winked at me and I turned a bit red. "Well I've still got to dance with Neville tonight." I said after a few moments. "And there he is now." I said as I saw him with Ginny. Ginny was getting led away by... Matt? Anyway I walked away from Draco and held my hands out to Neville. We clasped hands and danced in the thick of the people. "Woho!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. Soon I was back to dancing with Matt and we were dancing till the middle of the night. Matt went to get some punch while I sat down and had a rest. I almost dozed off and Luke sat beside me. "Having fun?" He asked me. "Definitely. What happened to Trinity?" I asked him. "She left and frankly." He said while leaning close to my ear. "I was glad." I shivered a little bit at his breath on the back of my neck and then he moved away. "Where's Matt?" "Right here my man!" Matt said while coming with two cups of punch. "I would have gotten another one if I'd known you were planning on joining us but I don't think I'd have enough hands anyway." I swear he sent a warning look out to Luke. "There's still one person I haven't danced with tonight." I said randomly. "And who would that be?" Matt asked clueless. Before I could answer though one of his room mates held him by the arm and started talking to him. They went out of the great hall and I swear I could see the roommate slip Luke a wink. "I guess that would be me." Luke said shyly. Then I heard the overhead speakers. "This is the last one for the night so grab your partners and dance." Luke grabbed my hand.
  10. We got into a waltz position and I looked up at Luke. I remembered the Valentine's Day dance. The end of the night. It all seemed so harmless... so innocent. Who knew that all this would turn into something that could hurt so much? I thought of all the memories, all the times that I needed someone, Luke was there. I looked back on today. The Yule Ball. I caught Fred look at the bracelet a couple of times but he didn't ask me about it. Some people were psyched and some people just didn't want to be here. But I had fun and now it was the last dance of the evening. And I was dancing it with my ex boyfriend. How weird is that? Now, even after all we've been through, after all I've been through. I might still have feelings for him... But I have feelings for the others as well. All mixed feelings and it mixes with my head. I looked up at him again and he seemed to be in heaven. He had a peaceful look on his face and his eyes were shining with love. Is this what happens with the others as well? Is this what I do to them? I couldn't bear to think that Luke might not ever be able to move on if I do. His eyes were shining with such love and yet I could not return it all, it breaks my heart. I twisted out of the hold and escaped the Hall. I ran into the grounds near the whomping willow. Where all the excitement happened last year. The willow seemed to calm around me so i sat on a rock near it and cried. I couldn't bear to think what might happen in the future. I just felt the need to run, to get away from here, far away. "Why are you crying?" I heard and I whirled around to see the face of the talker. But I couldn't see anyone. I heard some leaves rustle in the wind as the voice came again. But inside my head. "You can tell me." "Who..." I said as I saw a shadow emerge from the trees.
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!! Sorry guys but I had to put some drama in there somewhere! Sorry this took a while but hopefully it's good. I had a lot of fun writing this! I've been planning this quiz for a long time but I never imagined it to turn out like this. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to hit submit! Comment & Rate 10!

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