Hogwarts Love Story Part 14

Yeah you may think that I'm a zero But hey, everyone you wanna be Probably started off like me You may say that I'm a freak show (I don't care) But hey, give it just a little time I bet you're gonna change your mind All of the dirt you've been throwing my way It ain't so hard to take That's right (that's right) 'Cos I know one day you'll be screaming my name And I'll just look away That's right (that's right) Just go ahead and hate on me and run your mouth So everyone can hear Hit me with the worst you got and knock me down Baby I don't care Keep it up and soon enough you'll figure out You wanna be, you wanna be A loser like me A loser like me Push me up against the locker And hey, all I do is shake it off I'll get you back when I'm your boss I'm not thinking 'bout you haters-

'Cos hey, I could be a superstar I'll see you when you wash my car All of the dirt you've been throwing my way It ain't so hard to take That's right (that's right) 'Cos I know one day you'll be screaming my name And I'll just look away That's right (that's right) Just go ahead and hate on me or run your mouth So everyone can hear Hit me with the worst you got and knock me down Baby I don't care Keep it up and soon enough you'll figure out You wanna be, you wanna be A loser like me A loser like me A loser like me Hey you over there Keep the "L" up, up in the air Hey you over there Keep the "L" up 'cos I don't care You can throw your stick And you can throw your stones Like a rocket just watch me go Yeah L-O-S-E-R I can only be who I are

Created by: 5thMarauder

  1. Oliver was staring into your eyes,looking lost."They make the stars look like they're not shining".You stood up and looked into a mirror.You eyes were bright yellow,like a cats,and they had green streaks running through them."Good to see you awake Ms.Lupin.Mr.Wood,time to go",said Madam Pomfrey.Oliver left with a lot of protests.After a while a girl came in.She had short brown hair with caramel and white streaks in it,and her eyes were cloudy blue-gray."Hi",she said sitting next to you."My name's Piper Shae,and you must be _____ Lupin,right?"."Yeah,nice to meet you!",you said."how come we've never met before?"."I don't know,we could have been great friends for the whole year!",said Piper."Yeah",you replied."When can you get out of the hospital?",she asked,looking around."I don't know",you said."Okay.Find me when you get out.I'm in Ravenclaw",she said.
  2. When you,Ron,Harry, and Hermione were let out of the hospital wing the next day,everyone was in Hogsmeade now that the exams were over.You had not finished your work though.You went to the library with Hermione and Piper to find books on animgi.You left when you had all the books.The exam results came out on the last day of term.You,Harry,Ron,and Hermione had passed every subject.Percy had got his top-grade N.E.W.T.s;Fred and George had scraped a handful of O.W.L.s each.Oliver had passed the N.E.W.Ts and Cedric had passed O.W.L.s.Gryffindor House, meanwhile,largely thanks to their spectacular performance in the Quidditch Cup,had won the House championship for the third year running.This meant that the end of term feast took place amid decorations of scarlet and gold, and that the Gryffindor table was the noisiest of the lot,as everybody celebrated.
  3. The next morning,as the Hogwarts Express pulled out of the station, Hermione gave you,Piper,Harry and Ron some surprising news."I went to see Professor McGonagall this morning,just before breakfast.I've decided to drop Muggle Studies." "But you passed your exam with three hundred and twenty percent!" said Ron."I know," sighed Hermione,"but I can't stand another year like this one.That Time-Turner, it was driving me mad.I've handed it in.Without Muggle Studies and Divination, I'll be able to have a normal schedule again." "I still can't believe you didn't tell us about it," said Ron grumpily."We're supposed to be your friends."."I promised I wouldn't tell anyone",said Hermione severely.You looked around at Harry,who was watching Hogwarts disappear from view behind a mountain. "Oh, cheer up, Harry!"you said sadly."I'm okay," said Harry quickly. "Just thinking about the holidays."."Yeah, I've been thinking about them too,"said Ron. "Harry,you've got to come and stay with us. I'll fix it up with Mum and Dad, then I'll call you. I know how to use a fellytone now". "A telephone, Ron," said Hermione. "Honestly, you should take Muggle Studies next year". Ron ignored her. "It's the Quidditch World Cup this summer! How about it,Harry?Come and stay, and we'll go and see it! Dad can usually get tickets from work."."Yeah... I bet the Dursleys'd be pleased to let me come...especially after what I did to Aunt Marge".You went to find Cedric.You hadn't seen him in ages.You opened the door of one of the compartments,and in it was Draco.He stood up,and joined you outside it."See you next year",he said."Yeah,we should talk more often",you replied.You waved to him and found Cedric.You hugged him tightly.He laughed."_____,it's two months,not two years."I know",you said."but I'll miss you!"."I'll miss you too",replied Cedric.You went back to Harry,Ron,Hermione and Piper. "Harry",said Hermione suddenly,peering over his shoulder."What's that thing outside your window?"
  4. Harry turned to look outside.Something very small and gray was bobbing in and out of sight beyond the glass.He stood up for a better look and saw that it was a tiny owl,carrying a letter that was much too big for it.The owl was so small,in fact,that it kept tumbling over in the air, buffeted this way and that in the train's slipstream.Harry quickly pulled down the window,stretched out his arm,and caught it.He brought it carefully inside.The owl dropped its letter onto Harry's seat and began zooming around their compartment,apparently very pleased with itself for accomplishing its task.Hedwig clicked her beak with a sort of dignified disapproval.Crookshanks sat up in his seat,following the owl with his great yellow eyes. Piper,noticing this,snatched the owl safely out of harm's way.Harry picked up the letter.It was addressed to him.He ripped open the letter,and shouted,"It's from Sirius!"."What?",you all shouted excitedly. "Read it aloud!" Dear Harry, I hope this finds you before you reach your aunt and uncle. I don't know whether they're used to owl post. Buckbeak and I are in hiding. I won't tell you where, in case this owl falls into the wrong hands. I have some doubt about his reliability, but he is the best I could find, and he did seem eager for the job. I believe the Dementors are still searching for me, but they haven't a hope of finding me here. I am planning to allow some Muggles to glimpse me soon,a long way from Hogwarts,so that the security on the castle will be lifted. There is something I never got around to telling you during our brief meeting. It was I who sent you the Firebolt- "Ha!" said Hermione triumphantly. "See! I told you it was from him!" "Yes, but he hadn't jinxed it, had he?" said Ron."Ouch!"exclaimed Piper.The tiny owl now hooting happily in her hand, had nibbled one of her fingers in what it seemed to think was an affectionate way. 'Crookshanks took the order to the Owl Office for me. I used your name but told them to take the gold from my own Gringotts vault. Please consider it as thirteen birthdays' worth of presents from your godfather. I would also like to apologize for the fright I think I gave you that night last year when you left your uncle's house. I had only hoped to get a glimpse of you before starting my journey north, but I think the sight of me alarmed you. I am enclosing something else for you, which I think will make your next year at Hogwarts more enjoyable. If ever you need me, send word. Your owl will find me. I'll write again soon. Sirius' Harry looked eagerly inside the envelope. There was another piece of parchment in there.It was a Hogsmeade permission slip.
  5. "Hang on, there's a PS" said Harry. 'I thought your friend Ron might like to keep this owl,as it's my fault he no longer has a rat'. Ron's eyes widened. The minute owl was still hooting excitedly. "Keep him?" he said uncertainly. He looked closely at the owl for a moment;took him from Piper,and held him out for Crookshanks to sniff."What do you reckon?" Ron asked the cat."Definitely an owl?" Crookshanks purred."That's good enough for me",said Ron happily."He's mine".You soon reached King's Cross Station.You stepped out onto the platform.You walked over to Oliver.He turned to you."I never thought I'd say this,but I really don't want to leave school",he choked,fighting tears.You hugged him tightly."Did you hear anything while you were in the coma?",he asked.You looked into his brown eyes."I love you too",you said.And you were sure of it.Oliver kissed your forehead before leaving quickly.You hugged all your friends and then left with your brothers.
  6. *Guess what guys?! Year 3 is over!*
  7. You wanna be,you wanna be,a loser like me!
  8. *Playing piano*
  9. *Singing along with Glee*
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