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This is just a short little quiz to tell yous about me so yous can get to know me better so I'm not a complete stranger anymore ^-^ Also, I would kinda like to get to know some of you guys as well :3

Oh an here is somethings about me before we continue: I usually make friends with everyone due to my niceness. I have two siblings one sister and one brother. My sister is 7 1/2 and my brother is going to be turning 20 in a couple of days (November 8th). That's 'bout it!

Created by: PlantsVSZombies
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  1. first things first, I have brown hair and light brown eyes, I sometimes wear glasses but not all the time.
  2. My daily outfits are, loose jeans and long T-shirts with or without a design, I mainly wear converses.
  3. I'm not really a girly girl and I'm not really a tomboy. I suppose I'm in between.
  4. I have mostly ALL of the olden game systems from when my parents were kids. They seem to pass everything down to me when I become old enough. Oh and that reminds me, I'm female (of course) and I'm almost 13 turning 14 in December.
  5. I like mostly guy stuff but when it comes down to my younger sibling I instantly become the world's most craziest girly girl there is.
  6. Well I don't really wanna bore you guys by talking about just me so I'm gonna end this now, the rest is up in the paragraphs.

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