How much do you know?

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This is to see how much you know in my quiz. It might be a little hard because I thought of them all myself. But hopefully you understand some parts.

I might make another quiz like this if you guys/girls like it. But if yous don't I will still make another one because I have nothing to do anymore.

Created by: Anime_Lover
  1. How old is my favorite artist?
  2. How old is my favorite friend?
  3. Do I really love Anime?
  4. If there are two chickens and one of them crosses the road and looks back and doesn't see the other chicken, where is he?
  5. If I have two pieces of string and I give one of the strings to my friend how many pieces of string do I have?
  6. If I have a bottle of alcohol and I give it to an alcoholic, how much alcohol do I have?
  7. If I were to have a child (and the child is a girl) at the age of 15 and it's the year: 2013. How old would she be by the year of: 2025?
  8. I have two wallets, if I lose one and can't find the other one, how many do I have?
  9. If my cat gives birth to 16 kittens and 5 are dyed, how many are still the same color?
  10. If I have 365 pieces of paper and I use one piece each day of the year, how many do I have left over?
  11. If there are 5 girls and 2 guys fighting how many leave unhurt?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know?