Guys with White Shirts, Hair?

Have you ever wondered what length of hair would look best on you? If you have, you've come to the right place. Take this quick and simple test to see what length would look best on you!

Take this test, and have fun doing it! That's all I have to say so I'm gonna keep blabbing until I don't have to anymore ok almost there and three two one adios guys!

Created by: Leornghaiirk
  1. What is your hair color?
  2. What is your hair type?
  3. What is your hair thickness?
  4. How muscular are you?
  5. What is your skin color? Not racist trust me
  6. What is your face shape?
  7. How would you describe your skin?
  8. Do your eyes shine?
  9. What do you wear for your eyes?
  10. How would you describe your facial hair?
  11. How long do people like your hair?
  12. How long do you like your hair?
  13. How tall are you?
  14. Are you confident?
  15. How much do you wash your hair?
  16. What kind of top do you put on in a casual day?
  17. Are you a hard worker?
  18. What is your nose like?

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